the anniversary of my birth.

twenty five years ago today my mom was being rushed on a gurney through a hospital in Virginia where residents were literally running to labor & delivery because i was in such a hurry. Big surprise there. They took a sharp left turn, resulting in one resident falling and my mom & i (still in her belly) went crashing into the wall. Straight out of a movie... & very shortly after this, i was welcomed into this big crazy world. what a wild ride it has been!! i absolutely cannot believe that was a quarter of a century ago... or that my mom was MY age at the time! Life has taught me so much already, but i am so eager to keep learning & discovering new things about myself & the world around me... so hopefully one day i'll be a wise old owl lady.

twenty five ! seriously, sometimes i still feel like a thirteen yr old girl.... forever young ♥


  1. Happy Birthday! Great birth story.

  2. Happy birthday, girl!
    Celebrate it!
    25 feels so good, right?;)

  3. you are only as young as you feel. :) love you ejd

  4. I hope you had the best birthday :)

  5. thank you guys!!

    xoxo ♥♥♥ forever younggggg


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