blood suckers

So, for the second evening out of the past three, i was simply attempting to hang in my sunny FL backyard only to be attacked by bloodsucking mosquitoes. seriously within minutes i had thirteen bites. Can't a girl throw some spray paint on magnetic letters in peace?? Perhaps, this comes off making me seem like a whiny wussy, (yes i really just said whiny wussy) but if you knew how seriously intense the bites are with me, you would have sympathy. These seemingly small nibbles turn into giant white welts that are surrounded by redness & itchiness for hours. my bod has a really dramatic reaction to insect bites. I'll be out with a bunch of people & i'll be the only one getting targeted.... so i attempted to do a little research via google.
& so i learned... "Mosquitoes are attracted to contrasts, a fact that lies behind one theory that they are attracted more to redheads who are, its proposed, more likely to stand out in a crowd." i like to think its the fact that i am so incredibly pale & delicious that draws these tiny blood thirsty insects to me. So maybe i should take the notion that these creatures prefer my blood over others as a compliment, perhaps that will soften the blow mentally of the physical swelling & irritation that comes from the giant welts those bastards leave on me.... or maybe i'll start smelling like bug repellent when i plan on doing things outside at dusk.


  1. OFF has a clip-on mosquito repellent. You just clip this little fan to your side and it keeps all the bugs away, or so i'm told by the glowing black box. i think i may invest....sounds like a better idea than putting that smelly spray on!
    i've also been told that mosquitoes are attracted to sweet smells....i.e. deodorant, shampoo, which case, you will be targeted before your smelly counterpart. My aunt used to tell me to eat garlic if i was going to be outside. the garlic in your pours sends off natural "keep away" vibes. anyway, i feel you on the 'sceets ....fucking baggers.

  2. I hate those damn bugs. I'm in Louisiana, and we spend March-October fighting them. They make a hasty retreat at the end of October and every year I find myself hoping they all got trapped wherever they were hiding. But alas, they always reappear right after Mardi Gras.

  3. i too have been in a recent battle with the little fuckers. they are more annoying than anything.

  4. ahhhhhhhh yes fuck those little shits!!

    caitlin, let me know if you start wearing infomercial mosquito repellent belt fans & your results... :)


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