feelin a lil crummy

i so just want to be posted up in bed for a few days, i believe i have been bitten by the qualmish bee, a creature who has left me feeling completely weak & achy. Yet, as i type this i am sitting here on my couch & not getting the rest i am sure would leave me feeling better.... i fell into apartment therapy & then began some sketches for a new painting i'm going to release from my brain & onto canvas. Some how between that & BRAVO TV... i have lost all track of time.

last night i dreamt that i had a key to a lovely vintage boutique (that was not mine) & i took it upon myself to let myself in after hours to snoop around, yes, i do actually dream of breaking & entering. i ended up nearly getting caught & sneakily i ran out a little red door located in the back of the shop. Eventually i found myself staring at this small girl wearing this bright cloak who just happened to be walking a giant sea turtle down the sidewalk. I began to follow them & soon the turtle morphed into a bunny rabbit & then together they jumped through a hole, or portal, (if you will ;) in the ground & disappeared. i swear i don't take acid. i think i need to write books for little children. if only i can keep my dirty mouth out of them...

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