melodic mondaze

yayyyyyyy my internet is working again! color me absolutely heart broken & frustrated to the max that i was unable to bring my melodic mondaze post on MONDAY, but alas, true to form i am late. Better late than never they always say, or you always hear.... either way, i bring you volume four!

this one is extra special to me.... on Monday Yellowcard announced they are making a new record! Indefinite hiatus over! Feelings of excitement immediately swept over me. I don't even care how many girls on TRL started screaming for them or how many people call them sell outs or losers or anything of the sort- i have nothing but pure love for Yellowcard. Maybe it has something to do with being a Jacksonville girl, or maybe it has something to do with having a soft spot for catchy lyrics, the sweet sound of the violin, Ryan Key & his ability to shake me with the delivery of his words, fondness of awesome live music, melodic riffs & killer break downs....

Yellowcard falls into that sacred soundtrack of your life genre for me. I've grown up with YC, went through wild nights, got through heartbreak, got crushed at shows, belted out lyrics in my cabrio, listened quietly with my headphones when i was feeling homesick... my mind is flooded with memories.

i remember seeing Sean Mackin (the violinist) at FYE in our little mall in OP & blushing like a little girl. "Hey! You're Sean from Yellowcard! You're awesome!" ...No, you're awesome!" They are still awesome, and i am fucking stoked they are making a new album...

i ripped this ~ from Hopeless Records website: “We’re talking about a ton of different ideas, and we’re itching to start as soon as possible,” Key said. “Ultimately, we want to make something the fans will love. What we love to do most, is look out from the stage and see people exploding with energy, and I think we keep that in mind while we are writing. We miss being out on the road playing for Yellowcard fans all around the world, and without their support we wouldn’t have a career.”

Exploding with energy. That's the atmosphere at every Yellowcard show ♥ sooo, scroll up & i hope you enjoy this playlisttttt.

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  1. Cigarette will FOREVER be one of my favorite nostalgic.


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