melodic mondaze

timeless. the beatles are incredible. all time favorite band. period. i cant even imagine what it would have felt like to have discovered them when they were on the scene.... to be a part of Beatlemania. their lyrics, their music its beautiful because there is nothing like it & nothing seems to share the same simple message- LOVE. its all about love. i'm sharing a little performance of LET IT BE for Melodic Mondaze vol. six. so many things i love about this vid~ the way Paul McCartney holds you with his powerful gaze into the camera, John Lennon just peacefully chillin there with Yoko (you cant blame him for falling in love!), & the passion they all share for the meaning of the song....
LET IT BE. enjoy life, don't sweat the small shit & know in your heart that it will all work out. life is beautiful, & we all need to recognize the beauty all around us.

i read that Paul wrote this because he was inspired by these words his Mother, Mary often said to him as a child, he said in an interview she came to him in a dream one night years after she had died, & awoke to create this masterpiece.


  1. I was taking a Popular Music class last semester and our book said that some of the Beatles' songs are actually about drugs, being stoned etc. The allusions are, of course, veiled. :) Especially "With a Little Help of My Friends" - meaning 'friends' metaphorically. bahaha

  2. aw man, you know i share the same feelings for this lovely band. john lennon is my man and the beatles bring a smile to my face daily.

  3. definitely... its all peace, love & green :]

    you might appreciate this my Polish girl...
    with a little help from my friends its a great lil karaoke vid from a couple years ago, im in the back left :)

    jess!! yessss for sure, i was actually thinking of you when i picked this particular song. xoxo love you!


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