old lady e

i have officially jumped into a new age bracket known as the mid-twenties. scaryyyy. my loving brother referred to me appropriately as an old lady in his card. that's love ladies & gents! ha, no but seriously, besides having a slight emotional breakdown i had a really lovely birthday ♥ new hair & new freckles.... friday i went to the salon to see my amazing girl Nikki & she proceeded to chop my hairs & gloss the shit out of it... check out my shiny locks of love. what up grandma lovers...

birthday cake is still dank as ever, floating in inner-tubes is still super fun, having only five candles instead of twenty plus on a cake because my mom doesn't want that many holes in a cake is hilarious, waking up to my dog giving me bday kisses is the best & secretly twenty~five isn't so bad.... as long as i still get carded.


hello there, don't be shy - i'd love to hear your thoughts! ♥