on the eve of a three day weekend ♥

& so looking forward to ~ freshly cut (& maybe colored!) hair, newly painted nails, shopping with my mama dukes, meteor showers!, cupcakes, & hopefully swimming in chlorine & or salt water pools of cool water....

i wish i was under water right now. i took off work tomorrow because i feel like i deserve it. i do.

i'm going to eat a giant strawberry now & reflect on the past twenty odd years of my life, i cant believe another birthday has caught up to me so quickly! In just a couple of days i will be a quarter of a century old. shhhh, don't tell anyone.

i dreamt i was friends with Rhianna last night. We shared clothes, i asked her to put my hair into corn rows as a joke (or maybe i was serious, i'm not 100% on that :) & then she got arrested in front of me. its unclear what exact illegal activity she was partaking in upon arrest but i know for a fact the officers didnt recognize her. & my genius way of explaining to them who she was, was by saying silly things like "you're under her umbrella, ella, ella... ay!" handcuffs go on tighter "because she loves the way it hurts!" dreams are so ridiculous. what could this possibly even mean?

one of my favorite things to say lately when someone asks me a question is to simply smile & reply with "Answer unclear. Ask again later."

quoting plastic balls is awesome. ♥


  1. I love how you sang hints to the cops in your dream. Too funny! Maybe you've been listening to her a bit too much lately?

    I hit the quarter-life age last year, and it freaked me out bad. I was depressed for about a month, then it went away. Now I'm 26, and starting to dread getting closer to 30. That's WAY worse than 25. :)

  2. 25 and 26 is still not bad (Thotoday i DO feel old). 30 - thats something BIG (and depressing)!

  3. Happy Birthday, girl! :)

    I turned 25 2,5 months ago - May 26, and well, i feel ok with it, yet... i feel like time is running way to fast for me! To tell the truth, i feel 21 on the inside and thats how i act.;p

    And your dream is just hilarious, bahahaha! I had an amazing dream last week - i was sitting on a huuuge terrace in my NYC apartment, sipping latte and eating pink cupcakes with my sis. Apparently, my apt was in the Empire Statebuilding. ;p What an amazing dream, it was so tangible. I often have dreams with celebs in them but i cant think of anything particular at the moment...

    Enjoy your weekend!


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