procrastinators unite......... tomorrow.

for the last five months i have continually wrote "organize wardrobe" on endless to do lists... & it always remains uncrossed. that is, until today. organize wardrobe !!! I finally tackled it, & I can't even accurately describe how incredible i feel that i successfully organized my entire closet & lovely blue dresser. i tried on clothes i forgot i even owned & found a special home for every article of clothing & accessory i own. i am so deeply satisfied, i feel like i built a pyramid. which i'm sure would be really insulting to ancient egyptians, or aliens, or whoever created them.

organization... i call that a glorious way to spend a rainy dayyyyyyy.

last night i learned how to dougie, a new dance craze i was completely unaware of that has the ability to make you look "flyer than a mother fucker" ohhh yes, educate yourself. i also played beer pong (officially stating that the 3 cup redemption rule is retarded) & laughed my ass off when during a round of 'Never Have I Ever' a gentleman replied to the statement "Never have i ever been caught masturbating..." with "Wait, does it count if someone else was doing it?" ummmm that's actually called a hand job. hello!

& since i have beer pong on my mind i feel its necessary to share Billy's Balls with you... if you've never seen it prepare to be amazed. i bring you Billy Marks ~ Pro Skater, Pro Pong Champ.


  1. Hey Erin!
    I just wanted to say that im in love with your blog and the way you perceive the world around you! Youre such an inspiration to me! Thanks for that! :*

    I was trying to learn to dougie 2 days ago and i think i finally got the right moves, yeaahhh! Now all the bitches love me, haha.

    When itcomes to beer pong, i totally suck at this game. Prefer Kings, no doubt about it! Or Never Have i ever, thats much more fun than pong!

    Lots of kisses from Poland, girly!

  2. I've seen that video before....awesomeness! Never Have I Ever almost always includes hysterical laughter. Sounds like you had fun!

    Oh and kudos on organizing. I've been telling myself to do the same thing for about six months now. I finally got to my daughters' clothes, but still procrastinating on mine and hubs. :(

  3. Yeah, kudos on cleaning everything up! Almost 3 months ago i left America for Europe and my suitcases are still unpacked, right here, in the middle of my room.

    Procrastination should be my middle name!

  4. awww!! thank you :) these comments just made my day!! the girl with pearl earrings... (love the name!) are you from America or Poland or somewhere in between? just curious :) i love that where ever you are from you are completely familiar with the same drinking games! & YESSS i too hate unpacking... i am also guilty of leaving packed bags for ages ignored! perks of having enough clothes to ignore it right!? :D

    Booze & buddies are always a good time!! high five for organizing your little girls clothing Jess!! i cant even imagine how behind i would be on organizing if i had CHILDREN :) sooo really, you get double fives for it, & hopefully you'll get around to yours soon. it feels incredible! im high off my organizational skills hahaha

  5. Im from Poland but i spent the last 2 years of my life in Ohio, studying. Now i got back to my wonderful motherland to graduate from my Polish uni. Im just the type who loves travelling around, getting to know new places & people. Ihope to come back to America next year and settle there for a while... I already miss Taco Bell. ;p

    When it comes to drinking games, in Poland we dont have NO drinking games at all. We just drink and enjoy our lives.:P


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