weenie sundayyyyyy

how to have a lovely sunday: easy, hang with weenies!


please note button's kiss tongue. rockstarrrrrrr. coffee, postsecret, target, art supplies, my parental units, & bbq also contributed to a wonderful day. & its not even over yet!! my dogs are fully going to take me on a walk to work off my delicious dinner.

hope everyone in the blogosphere is having a super sundayyyyy.


  1. I love your dog! I had a wiener too and it was absolutely adorable. Unfortunately, it died at the old age of 16.

    Now i have a redhead, an Irish Terrier: very temperamential and always ready for frolicking around.:)

  2. weenies make the best companions!!

    Scooter is 7 & Button is almost 2... my whole family is obsessed with dachshunds, my first memory ever is of the day we got Fritz, i was 3 & he lived to be 17.... & a part of me died with him. i totally feel you.

    what is your redheaded Terrier named!?

  3. Her name's Etna, like the Sicilian mount/volcano, she's 6 but still behaves like a little pup, that's why i love her.:) Someone said that your dog's character perfectly reflects the character of it's owner and i totally agree with that. True, hands down! :)

    Weenies are so sweet...

  4. awww!! & yess!! i completely agree with that statement :D


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