fa~la~la family

This weekend my amazing Grandparents came down to visit from the majestic hills of Virginia with my Aunt & Uncle. My whole life i have always been separated by states or the Atlantic Ocean from my extended family. I feel short-changed at times that i haven't had the quality time over the years to really get to grow & learn from my sweet family. My dad was the oldest son & middle child in a family of seven, they grew up on a farm & lived a life that from time to time i can't truly even wrap my head around because its so very different than the way i was brought up.

circa 1963

my daddy is perched on the right, but please note how beautiful my darling Grandmother is sitting atop the fence in her dress & heels. i just love her.

She told me all about the day she was married (sixty years ago!!), all the beautiful quilts she made & funny stories about life as a Mom, Wife & Grandmother over the years. Seriously, i'll be lucky if i'm half the woman she is when i'm her age ♥ & although my Grandpa's mind is weakening some, & he now cannot remember my name, he still held my hand, told me i was beautiful, knew i was his granddaughter & made me laugh so much. They are incredibly interesting & sweet & simple & optimistic & i cannot say enough wonderful things about them both.

My grandparents saw the ocean for the first time in their lives this weekend. how powerful is that?


  1. It’s the simplicity that they've held in their lives that have made them who they are. I think sometimes our generation loses sight of that and think we miss the big picture of life at times. It is so awesome they are still hand in hand and sharing life’s moments together. What an amazing experience to view the ocean for the first time with one another. Sounds like an awesome weekend!!

  2. wow, that is amazing erin. they sound so interesting.
    seeing the ocean for the first time? holy toledo, i couldn't imagine my life sans ocean.


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