Fútbol Americano

ten (i mean DIEZ) reasons why i love this time of year:

uno. i can get away with wearing black outs.
dos. i can talk massive amounts of "smack" to complete strangers.
tres. its appropriate to pregame the actual game, all while looking quite cute.
quatro. beer, hot wings, cheese fries, hot dogs, burgers, more beer.
cinco. MIAMI DOLPHINS games. hello sunday ticket!
seis. i get to listen to t-pain singing about number 5.

siete. Christian Ponder.
need i go on?
ocho. sweatin in the stands having a fabulous time, even if neither the noles or phins are playing :)
nueve. its acceptable to spend an entire weekend engulfed in a television set while eating an unimaginable amount of food thats really, really bad for you.
diez. gettin loud watching a bunch of massive sweaty dudes fight over a ball. hellllllllls yea. i love America.


  1. NO mention of B-Marsh?? unreal!!

  2. EDIT

    once. i can watch Brandon Marshall move like an all star, all while looking ridiculously good looking in his youth sized jersey. ahem.

  3. i am going to the dolphin/patriot game tomorrow!!! :) yayy!


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