melodic mondaze

blognation !! Question~ have you ever enjoyed a husband & wife front duo as much as Arcade Fire? These snazzy Canadians just released another album in August so appropriately titled (considering their marital status) 'The Suburbs'. Canadian Indie Rock at its finest. I've never had the pleasure of seeing them live, but have watched numerous live performances of them via the fabulous world wide web. News flash Prince ---- the internet isn't quite deceased yet. They have an assload of performers that prance around with tambourines & are incredibly enthusiastic. I enjoy that. WOO Canada! Please let your ears enjoy "City with No Children"

Speaking of crazy tambourine enthusiasts... i happened to attend my lovely friends The Dirty GetCaughts show Thursday night, they played out at the beach with a band name Hey Danger, could be Hello Danger --- at the moment my memory is unsure, anyway this dude was Richard Simmons style going to town on a tambourine & a cowbell. If you ever happen to see one of the two a fore mentioned band names on a flyer---- he might be the sole reason you attend.

Alright, i was lucky enough to score sneak preview tickets to see 'The Town' starring Ben Affleck tonight. I'm crossing my fingers its awesome.



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