that girl.

I'm the girl who almost always has a smile on her face. The girl who would rather talk to a stranger than wait for a familiar face. I'm the one who breaks silence with little noises, quips, comments, humming melodies or song lyrics.

I'm the girl who enjoys organizing & keeping things neat & tidy. The girl eager to make anything look nice, because i love decorating & making things look aesthetically pleasing. I'm the one who rushes around to clean my place before you arrive so it looks awesome, or at a minimum slightly better than before you arrived.

I'm the girl who gets along with a lot of dudes. The girl who grew up very close to her brother, who in turn, taught her the true essence of being a guy - how to throw a spiral, be crude, laugh at farts, not take everything so serious, have a decent tolerance for pain, how to excel at burping contests, kick ass at Super Mario Bros & how to rip apart someone with words if necessary. I'm the one that won't think twice to hit a dude in the face if he's askin' for it. I'm also the girl who got her ass kicked in the eighth grade by a dude for similar reasons.

I'm the girl who loves to get dressed everyday, who loves trying on many different styles & looks for the absolute fun of it. The girl who believes in spite of her full closet & dresses that occasionally she has absolutely nothing to wear. The one who once upon a time logged her outfits every single day, and doesn't believe in paying full price, unless it's a special circumstance.

I'm the girl who throughly enjoys music but can't play a single instrument or sing very well. The girl who loves going to shows so she can feel the music move her & will happily withstand bruises to fight for her place in the crowd. I'm the one who will get drunk enough to perform karaoke, and sometimes forget the words.

I'm the girl who thrives on the thrill of surprises & secret adventures however minute they may seem. The girl who likes to jump in the car without an idea where shes headed. The one who loves to sing at the top of her lungs in her convertible & pays no mind to whoever may or may not be spectating.

I'm the girl who loves to be creative. The girl who holds a high standard to herself & is her own worst critique. The one who likes to paint, cook, color, bake, & create because it generates such a pleasant feeling.

I'm the girl who takes pride in being described as "different" and unique. The one who embraces her freckled pale skin & red hair, after many years of being teased because of it. The one who would rather wear something completely off the wall than completely boring.

I'm the girl who loves animals & talks to them with a true inner feeling that they quite possibly & probably understand everything. The girl who spoils her adorable little dog so rotten that she is made fun of. & also the one who dresses said dog in miniature costumes & outfits for holidays & events.

I'm the girl who fixes her hair & makeup just so everyday in an attempt to look her best each day. The girl who will gladly take the pain of uncomfortable heels for the desired look they create. The one who loves herself, but can't shake feeling a little insecure without mascara on.

I'm the girl who chooses a bottle of wine based on the art on the label or the creativity behind the name. I'm the girl who is always surprised when she is not carded for being under 21 & secretly upset. The one who throws a fit when she chips her freshly painted nail polish because she lacks the patience it demands to fully dry.

I'm the girl who loves fully. The girl who tries to be a good person & good listener & loves making others laugh. The one who wants to make everyone feel special & wanted & awesome in their own little way.

I'm the girl who hates confrontation at times, but wears her feelings on her sleeve. The girl who hates to cry in public, but when prompted usually can't stop big tears from welling in her eyes & rolling down her cheeks. I'm the one who is stubborn, forgives... but never forgets.

I'm the girl who hates waiting for things, who gets an idea in her head & becomes completely & utterly obsessed with it. The girl whose memory will stop you in your tracks because i can remember who took my brothers brontosaurus out of the sandbox in kindergarten & tried to steal it. The one who remembers everyone's name.

I'm the girl who dreams with intense clarity. The girl who will wake up scared, surprised, confused, excited, let down, upset, etc because reality hasn't truly sunk in yet. The one who believes her dreams elude to inner thoughts & foreshadow future events.

I'm the girl who strongly believes she is an excellent judge of character. The girl who hopes you can see right through her as well & completely understand where she is coming from. I'm the one who can't shake certain feelings & is easily caught in a lie.

I'm the girl who believes in love despite all her skepticisms about life. The girl who craves that feeling of waking up every morning next to her other half (puzzle piece, if you will). The one who believes it can & does work for those who are just lucky enough to find one another.

I'm the girl who believes everything does happen for a reason. And that reason is life. Sometimes it's completely twisted, but sometimes serendipity occurs... & this girl believes that's enough to make this life a beautiful mishmash.


  1. these are a few of the reasons why you are the most special and astonishing person I have ever known. these reasons merely scratch the surface of the gigantic love i have for you <3


  2. This is a beautiful blog post. :)


  3. you are the girl who i love dearly and the girl who makes me smile every time we hang out/talk. you are the girl who is awesome to be around and drink a few (or many many) alcoholic beverages with. you are the girl who i am so thankful to call my best friend. you are the girl who knows how to cheer up a sad jt$ and cares so much about the world and everything in it. you are the girl who i am so glad i met and couldn't imagine my life without you.



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