there comes a time when you must separate the bullshit from the truth. At times i struggle with the reality of a situation vs. the illusion of how it could be. I suppose there is this little girl inside of me that wants everything to be sweet & lovely & when it's not, it can be easy to ignore at times.... but the truth always creeps in. & that's really a positive.

If you're not happy with someone or something, change it. life is too short, & we don't all get second chances. so smile & embrace the beauty of everyday!!


  1. i love your philosophy and you! i miss you babygirl! visit to jville is much needed in the near future. or vise versa.

  2. Sometimes you can get caught in the realm of the ignorance. Hence "Ignorance is bliss" It's actually making that change that is the realization. ;)

  3. it's so funny that i'm reading this post today 'cause i was just feeling this way! i get overwhelmed with things sometime and just tend to ignore them instead. this goes for almost everything in my life---small things like laundry & big things like speaking my mind.
    it just feels like the ignorance slaps you in the face one day & you think to yourself "what the hell have i been doing!" but anyway---HERE'S TO EVOLUTION :)


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