dear bloggerville,

i deeply apologize for the mini hiatus. I was once told by a gentleman (of sorts:) that, if you spend your time doing really cool shit... there would be no time to blog about it.... i personally completely disagree with the aforementioned statement, but have been doing really cool shit ( & not blogging) nonetheless.


i wrote an incredible resignation letter & handed it into to my bosses notifying them that i will be leaving my corporate America banking position to take a job with a local metal recycling company for a higher income. they flipped. i'm thrilled.

i found the perfect mermaid tail at a fabulous costume shop in sunny Jacksonville, Florida & fulfilled my life long dream of dressing up as a mermaid. i rocked the shit out of some blue hair, in addition to beautiful seashells hailing from St. Augustine that i attached on my small boobies. It was amazing. Whats even better?? i got to wear this get up with my favorite people down South for a BFF Halloweenie bash hosted by my lovely old FSU roomie. i came in second place in the costume contest, but have no quams about losing to Edward Scissorhands. Truly, great time.

i went to my very first Dolphins game at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami! So exciting to be surrounded by teal & orange & fabulous phins fans!! Completely brilliant - minus all the annoying Steeler's fans & extremely retarded refs hailing from Pittsburgh who just so happen to make absolutely absurd calls that cost us a win. whatev, still a lot of fun... late, hungover, & leaving as a loser ~ the company was the best part!

i met some ridiculously awesome people over the weekend who i will now refer to as friends & had a sick time dancing, laughing, sharing stories & boozing with. It's always so fun to interact with new individuals, learn new things & smile over common traits.

today, i picked out the wall colors of my lovely new office, as well as the main lobby color for my new working digs. Soon i will picking out my new desk & working in an adorable environment free of a dress code, embracing creativity, new ideas & a quaint little ipod boombox will be present. color me ecstatic.

it would seem as though all the little pieces are falling into place & guess what??? Halloween is right around the corner! love, love, loving life!

melodic mondaze

Best app out for cellular devices?? Shazam. I've been a fan of the art of Shazam~ing since last August when i first acquired my smart (& by smart i do mean genius) phone. Perfect for those moments in the car or when gazing a film & you hear something so absolutely wonderful you have to know what band is behind the magical notes...

this past weekend i caught myself singing along to a lovely tune whilst driving Daisy & immediately shazam~ed it. i then felt a rush of deja entendu... & while scrolling through my "tags" in shazam discovered that not only did i tag it on October 15th, but also on September 15th, along with August 15th. odd i said to myself.

Destiny led me to believe that i needed to pick up Mumford & Son's album immediately. I'm featuring them for obvious reasons. Hailing from West London & they are incredible. Together for three years, i'm completely gutted i'm only meeting them now. better late than never ♥


to a new chapter of my life...

i am absolutely beside myself with excitement!! You see, one aspect of my life will be shifting in a new direction in the very near future, and it really couldn't have came at a more perfect time. Change is always a good thing. I suppose generally speaking it is anyway, it gives you a chance to grow & learn & experience new things. I am for all of the above.... & so it seems the universe has a way of settling things out for us, or for me at least. I've decided to jump on a new opportunity that has presented itself & truly believe it's going to be wonderful. I'm one of those dreamers who does believe everything happens for a reason, & i think all the little puzzle pieces are aligning themselves to form my lovely picture little by little :)


Dear Great Travelers of the Blogosphere,

Just wanted to share a little darling wreath i have created in honor of Halloween...

i love creating things! this is me nerding out goth grandma style & getting all crafty... i wrapped a straw wreath with gray yarn & then attached black roses & leaves along with the skull of a tiny Asian man. Ok, i'm joking... He was actually just a small man whose race i am unaware of. I have since named him Herb & he is making quite the addition to my living room wall.

I'm officially counting down the days & officially in desperate need of a costume, pumpkins that morph into jack-o-lanterns, a trip to a haunted house in addition to scary movies on my couch.... :) happy haunting!

melodic mondaze

COME ON BRO!! In honor of this fabulous day recognizing Christopher Columbus i bring you a special themed Melodic Mondaze.

whats your policy on Columbus Day? Its a legit holiday, & unfortunately i didnt get the pleasure of celebrating it today. WEAKKKKK!! SO, i am curious, would you, yes you, glorious internet browser, be interested in forming a union to bring back our sweet Columbus day of awesome remembrance??? Message me with a plan. I'm so down. Check out what a serious bad ass mug this man had...

He needs our love! We need his holiday! :)

to: Mr. Strawberry Fields forever (with love)

You would be seventy years old today ~ had you survived the cruelty that came towards you in the form of a bullet. What an incredible inspiring artist the universe lost that day. How beautiful is it though, that you live on inside the minds & hearts of millions world wide. We absolutely adore you. You make me dream of living in the sixties & seventies, you make me believe that there is possibility for change & peace, & that "everything is clearer when you are in love". Of course John's music will live on forever, & i so hope that so will his independent thought & revolutionary desire for peace. Happy Birthday John Lennon, thanks for all the songs ♥

you may say that i'm a dreamer... but, i'm not the only one.

i hope some day, you'll join us & the world will live as one.

pumpkin LOVE

i am currently jumping inside my skin with excitement to go & purchase some pumpkins from the pumpkin patch down the street. Carving pumpkins is so much fun & when they morph into jack-o-lanterns, they become oh so lovely to admire, & equally fun to smash at the appropriate time. It's currently at the top of my fun 'To-Do List' along with completing my Halloween wreath! ahhhhhh & i still haven't decided what i want to dress up as this year, i went into a couple shops & tried on a costume but couldn't commit. Imagine, having commitment issues with fabric to be worn Halloween. I became hesitant mainly because i couldn't decide whether or not to be something organic/unique or something typically cute & or slightly sexayyyy. I'm not sure exactly when it just became the holiday to skank up every costume, but that's pretty much where it's at currently. Last year i was Alice, this year i'm a little eager to do something more dark.... though i really enjoyed my blond wig last year :) this is me crossing my fingers i figure it out before it's too late!!

P.S. Drunk Pumps are extremely badass.

melodic mondaze

The Cure... one of the absolute best bands to jam to with the top down. Seeing that i am in the middle of completely perfect drop top weather its only fitting that i rep one of the best. i love this song, these lyrics & the smile it brings to my face every time i hear it.

inspiring images

After a horrific dream invaded my subconscious last night i found myself browsing pretty, inspiring photographs online. i seriously was absolutely, and completely terrified. When i awoke, gasping for air, I could not convince myself i was safe in between my deep plum organic sheets. i laid terrified that the man who chased me for days in my dream, only to trap me, throw acid in my face, & place the barrel of a gun to my head would appear armed with vengeance in my own reality. Quite dark. I purchased a dream decoder book, so intelligently titled 'Big Bad Ass Book of Dreams' this weekend & have been trying to make some sense of recurring themes. I'm finding it interesting to say the least. here's to pleasantly cheery wandering thoughts as i enter dreamland tonight...

my stale fortune cookie contained a note that said "you love to live life." i became overwhelmed with a strong desire to play the lottery winning numbers on the back... naturally i can't find it now, so thats out... to think i was this close to being a millionaire :D