to a new chapter of my life...

i am absolutely beside myself with excitement!! You see, one aspect of my life will be shifting in a new direction in the very near future, and it really couldn't have came at a more perfect time. Change is always a good thing. I suppose generally speaking it is anyway, it gives you a chance to grow & learn & experience new things. I am for all of the above.... & so it seems the universe has a way of settling things out for us, or for me at least. I've decided to jump on a new opportunity that has presented itself & truly believe it's going to be wonderful. I'm one of those dreamers who does believe everything happens for a reason, & i think all the little puzzle pieces are aligning themselves to form my lovely picture little by little :)


  1. i love that posy and totally agree with you! everything happens for a reason goving us a chance to learn from our mistakes and misfortunes...i like the puzzle piece comparison.
    good luck!!

  2. I so agree with you,there is a reason behind everything that happen to us in this lfe!
    I so adore your gorgeous blog!
    will be back often to visit it.

  3. erin, i am so happy for you love. you deserve nothing but the best and i too believe that everything happens for a reason. life has a funny way of lining everything up all at one or little by little, and when it does it is so sweet. <3 i love you dearly.


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