dear bloggerville,

i deeply apologize for the mini hiatus. I was once told by a gentleman (of sorts:) that, if you spend your time doing really cool shit... there would be no time to blog about it.... i personally completely disagree with the aforementioned statement, but have been doing really cool shit ( & not blogging) nonetheless.


i wrote an incredible resignation letter & handed it into to my bosses notifying them that i will be leaving my corporate America banking position to take a job with a local metal recycling company for a higher income. they flipped. i'm thrilled.

i found the perfect mermaid tail at a fabulous costume shop in sunny Jacksonville, Florida & fulfilled my life long dream of dressing up as a mermaid. i rocked the shit out of some blue hair, in addition to beautiful seashells hailing from St. Augustine that i attached on my small boobies. It was amazing. Whats even better?? i got to wear this get up with my favorite people down South for a BFF Halloweenie bash hosted by my lovely old FSU roomie. i came in second place in the costume contest, but have no quams about losing to Edward Scissorhands. Truly, great time.

i went to my very first Dolphins game at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami! So exciting to be surrounded by teal & orange & fabulous phins fans!! Completely brilliant - minus all the annoying Steeler's fans & extremely retarded refs hailing from Pittsburgh who just so happen to make absolutely absurd calls that cost us a win. whatev, still a lot of fun... late, hungover, & leaving as a loser ~ the company was the best part!

i met some ridiculously awesome people over the weekend who i will now refer to as friends & had a sick time dancing, laughing, sharing stories & boozing with. It's always so fun to interact with new individuals, learn new things & smile over common traits.

today, i picked out the wall colors of my lovely new office, as well as the main lobby color for my new working digs. Soon i will picking out my new desk & working in an adorable environment free of a dress code, embracing creativity, new ideas & a quaint little ipod boombox will be present. color me ecstatic.

it would seem as though all the little pieces are falling into place & guess what??? Halloween is right around the corner! love, love, loving life!


  1. i am so happy for you erin, you deserve all the excitement! and yes, you truly did rock the shit out of some blue hair! i love you :)

  2. I'm so happy for you, Erin! I can see it now---a beautiful desk in front of gorgeous colors and contrasts...cute little paintings and awesome'll be propped up with the tunes, layin' back with the heels on the desk! ...maybe you'll find a spot for the little glass owl I gave you? wink wink! Miss you already. Your visit was a tease. Come back, soon.

  3. thank you my sweet girls!! love you both so much! :) my mini trip was not NEARLY long enough - cant wait to see you two again!! & yes little hootie will definitely be prominently on display! you're awesome cait!


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