Dear Great Travelers of the Blogosphere,

Just wanted to share a little darling wreath i have created in honor of Halloween...

i love creating things! this is me nerding out goth grandma style & getting all crafty... i wrapped a straw wreath with gray yarn & then attached black roses & leaves along with the skull of a tiny Asian man. Ok, i'm joking... He was actually just a small man whose race i am unaware of. I have since named him Herb & he is making quite the addition to my living room wall.

I'm officially counting down the days & officially in desperate need of a costume, pumpkins that morph into jack-o-lanterns, a trip to a haunted house in addition to scary movies on my couch.... :) happy haunting!

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  1. I wish I could be there to carve badass jack-o-lanterns with you!



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