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After a horrific dream invaded my subconscious last night i found myself browsing pretty, inspiring photographs online. i seriously was absolutely, and completely terrified. When i awoke, gasping for air, I could not convince myself i was safe in between my deep plum organic sheets. i laid terrified that the man who chased me for days in my dream, only to trap me, throw acid in my face, & place the barrel of a gun to my head would appear armed with vengeance in my own reality. Quite dark. I purchased a dream decoder book, so intelligently titled 'Big Bad Ass Book of Dreams' this weekend & have been trying to make some sense of recurring themes. I'm finding it interesting to say the least. here's to pleasantly cheery wandering thoughts as i enter dreamland tonight...

my stale fortune cookie contained a note that said "you love to live life." i became overwhelmed with a strong desire to play the lottery winning numbers on the back... naturally i can't find it now, so thats out... to think i was this close to being a millionaire :D

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  1. i love all the photos you post! you find the most unique and aesthetically pleasing art!!! i enjoy it. <3


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