melodic mondaze

Best app out for cellular devices?? Shazam. I've been a fan of the art of Shazam~ing since last August when i first acquired my smart (& by smart i do mean genius) phone. Perfect for those moments in the car or when gazing a film & you hear something so absolutely wonderful you have to know what band is behind the magical notes...

this past weekend i caught myself singing along to a lovely tune whilst driving Daisy & immediately shazam~ed it. i then felt a rush of deja entendu... & while scrolling through my "tags" in shazam discovered that not only did i tag it on October 15th, but also on September 15th, along with August 15th. odd i said to myself.

Destiny led me to believe that i needed to pick up Mumford & Son's album immediately. I'm featuring them for obvious reasons. Hailing from West London & they are incredible. Together for three years, i'm completely gutted i'm only meeting them now. better late than never ♥

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  1. i love the energy of Awake my Soul and the lyrics... Thanks for sharing!!


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