pumpkin LOVE

i am currently jumping inside my skin with excitement to go & purchase some pumpkins from the pumpkin patch down the street. Carving pumpkins is so much fun & when they morph into jack-o-lanterns, they become oh so lovely to admire, & equally fun to smash at the appropriate time. It's currently at the top of my fun 'To-Do List' along with completing my Halloween wreath! ahhhhhh & i still haven't decided what i want to dress up as this year, i went into a couple shops & tried on a costume but couldn't commit. Imagine, having commitment issues with fabric to be worn Halloween. I became hesitant mainly because i couldn't decide whether or not to be something organic/unique or something typically cute & or slightly sexayyyy. I'm not sure exactly when it just became the holiday to skank up every costume, but that's pretty much where it's at currently. Last year i was Alice, this year i'm a little eager to do something more dark.... though i really enjoyed my blond wig last year :) this is me crossing my fingers i figure it out before it's too late!!

P.S. Drunk Pumps are extremely badass.

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  1. We dont celebrate Halloween in Poland, sad face! I love dressing up and carving pumpkins!


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