to: Mr. Strawberry Fields forever (with love)

You would be seventy years old today ~ had you survived the cruelty that came towards you in the form of a bullet. What an incredible inspiring artist the universe lost that day. How beautiful is it though, that you live on inside the minds & hearts of millions world wide. We absolutely adore you. You make me dream of living in the sixties & seventies, you make me believe that there is possibility for change & peace, & that "everything is clearer when you are in love". Of course John's music will live on forever, & i so hope that so will his independent thought & revolutionary desire for peace. Happy Birthday John Lennon, thanks for all the songs ♥

you may say that i'm a dreamer... but, i'm not the only one.

i hope some day, you'll join us & the world will live as one.

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  1. ugh, no lie this made me cry. it is so insane to have so much love for someone i have never even met! what an incredible soul. as far as i am concerned he will live forever through the hearts of those (like you and i) who think he is the most amazing and inspiring human being that ever walked the earth.


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