so ecstatic!

This evening i left my work to venture on a mini shopping spree. Confession: in addition to shopping, i have been gambling. i gambled one Alexander Hamilton bill to enter the weekly NFL office pool.... oh these boys so didn't know what hit them when I beat all their candy asses & annihilated them with my accurate game predictions.

upon collecting my monetary winnings i ventured over to Target to pick out this sweet box for my office...

absolutely cannot wait to set this beauty on my desk in the morning & have my entire iPod library at my fingertips while i work!! added bonus... its a constant reminder to all the dudes that they are losers :)

EDIT: the sound is awesome on this little gem! it is so sleek & the sound quality is impressive! it also works as an alarm clock, has a remote, it plugs into the wall but can also be portable with batteries... for around eighty bones this is a steal... & would make a killer gift, if you are feeling generous!

in closing i'd like to ponder this thought... who is Pete, & why is he always referenced in statements like "For the love of Pete!" clearly, he is very lovable... but why!?!

melodic mondaze

to quote indie Swedish singer Lykke Li...

Like a shotgun needs an outcome
I'm your prostitute, you gon' get some

her new single is dope & super catchy. & in all seriousness, who doesn't appreciate a good jam about banging? ok, so not the most original theme, but enjoyable nonetheless. i cant quite place exactly what it reminds me of but i'm probably going to be singing little diddies of it all day tomorrow as i sit in my turquoise office & dream of my future ipod boombox :) soon it will be decorated & i wont be able to resist snapping pics to share! eee!

lessons in domestication

upon venturing back to the fifties to acquire some necessary pie making skills i learned a few things as i channeled Betty...

first of all, i was unaware that "sweet milk" is the same as the "milk poured on top of your cereal" Imagine my surprise, while listening to my sweet Grandmother relay her famous double chocolate pie recipe to me over the telephone. Secondly, when sweet Dorothy D says a recipe is easy, it might just be that it's incredibly simple according to a lovely farm wife who has been doing it for over fifty years... & lastly, as delicious as it arguably may look from a far...

if the chocolate fails to thicken under the broil, and you choose to ignore this, and bake it anyway, it will boldly refuse to solidify. & whats worse, it will laugh at you as you gently remove it from the oven & it jiggles at you.... taunting you with its liquidity.

final score: Pie 1 Betty 0


four days off work & tomorrow morning i wont know what to do with myself when my alarm starts blaring. I also officially cant stop lurking the interwebs after four days of separation from my laptop... here i am entering existing in nerdy glazed eyeballs night owl status!

reflecting on a few things while i sit in a somewhat silent environment. minus the sound of trains in the distance, walnuts dropping & rolling on my roof, my bed side clock ticking away, & my darling little weenie snoring.

its kind of magical in its own way. hoping for inspiring dreams tonight.

goodnight world.


In honor of Thanksgiving… Things I’m thankful for :

♥ My loving family who continue to make me smile, laugh, unconditionally love & support me.

♥ My health, to be alive & well & have lived twenty five fabulous years.

♥ Having a new job. So grateful that I was given the opportunity to do something different that I think I will enjoy while being able to pay the bills & figure out my future.

♥ Music. it makes every single day that much more amazing. Hearing a song that can instantly brings me back to a certain memory, the intensity of hearing it being performed live, groovin & singing at the top of my lungs… for every mood i can have there is a soundtrack to it...

♥ The different relationships in my life. Especially with ones i have let in & who understand me & stimulate me… who are there for me & let me be there for them.

♥ A Seminole victory! How absolutely incredible it was to watch my Seminole’s pour all their hearts out onto the field to completely dominate their nemesis – the FL Gators!! AWESOME!

♥ For a roof over my head in sunny Florida… it's nearly December & I am already being a big wimp about the drop in temperature. SO thankful I do not have to scrape ice from my windshield & freeze my buns off in the snow every day!

♥ My coffee maker & its ability to brew deliciously bold coffee to get me through each morning. YUM, thank you!

♥ The beauty that surrounds me (& you) every day. You just have to open your eyes to see it. So thankful for inspiring images every where!!

♥ My lovely four legged little Button. I am beyond grateful for her every. single. day. My heart absolutely melts for her, I am incredibly thankful for her antics, the way she snuggles me & keeps me laughing & her companionship. i would be truly lost without her.

& this is only a small list of all that I am thankful for. I am most thankful for LOVE. Love is everywhere… i had a fantastic Thanksgiving with the ones I love, with delicious food & four relaxing days without an alarm clock!

melodic mondaze

Ohh how thrilled I am to feature this lovely new artist for volume seventeen of mm.

Hello Jessie J <3 Jessie is a twenty-two year old singer songwriter hailing from lovely London. London calling me :) I have a weakness for artists from there, I'm not sure what it is, but somehow I easily fall in love with their style. I found Jessie J while doing some Internet wandering this evening & she impressed me immediately.

She has her own YouTube channel (subscribe here) where she shares numerous webcam vids where she belts her heart out for world wide web viewers. She's incredible. She has this swag about her that is so unique & refreshing. I am completely girl crushing on her style, her bangs, her nails & you know I dig that she's a Jessie, and not to mention the facial expressions she makes as these deep motown sounds bellow out her frame. brilliant! What's more.... Upon further investigation I found out my man JT (ahem Justin Timberlake) claims she is the hottest singer out right now. two thumbs up in my book!

I am highly anticipating her new album set to be released this year... but until then she lives on YouTube!

xoxo excuse me, pardon the fact its Tuesday!

Food for thought

Happy Monday!! Ohhh & what a glorious Monday it is... Only three working days this week, one down, two to go & then I'll be devouring tasty food for the rest of the week!! I love Thanksgiving.... well, actually its the traditional Thanksgiving feast that i adore so much. I do not love the truth that lies behind Thanksgiving. I throughly enjoy sitting around the table with my family, laughing, recognizing the many things we are all thankful for, and of course stuffing our faces with juicy turkey & ham, mashed potatoes, biscuits, stuffing, all the trimmings and pie ohhh pie.... In a couple of days i'm attempting to make my first pie!!

Am I the only one who finds it absurd that as children we grow up with the false belief that Thanksgiving was a day when the Pilgrims & the Indians joined hands to enjoy a peaceful meal uniting them forever as friends? I mean i understand not wanting second graders to perform the Thanksgiving school play where they expose the plague and all the massacres that occurred, but it just seems wrong to mislead in such a way. When is it appropriate to actually educate the facts of American history? Those who are indigenous to this land we call “The United States of America” have been long misrepresented and pushed out of American history textbooks in favor of glorifying those who now rule this nation and represent the dominant culture. What kind of democracy are we when education institutions and teachers refuse to mention the fact that ten to thirty million Natives were killed at the hands of European invasion and colonialism?

Fact: Pilgrims were thankful that the Native American population was decreasing - dwindled by the plagues brought from Europe and of course by their own malicious hands... They were not loving creatures sharing their bread with the Natives. We tend to forget the genocide that occurred in our nation and how terribly we treated the true first settlers. Don't get me wrong, I still love the notion of gathering for a traditional feast with all your loved ones on the fourth Thursday of every November, I just also believe we should take time to reflect on our Natives, their history, and their culture. It's not just about being American, it's about being a part of the human race and caring and learning from their struggles to fight against racism, to prevent future genocide, and also to recognize our Nations history. However unglamorous it may be.

Just sayin. xoxo

Cleansing my mind

I'm someone who likes to maintain a clean and organized environment. Ideally, my habitat could always be described this way. Lately however my environment has been more like something one would describe as disastrously disorganized & disgusting. Well, at least by my standards. Yesterday I turned my music up loud & devoted some hours to cleaning, dusting, handling dishes & laundry, organizing mail & attempting to make my place look nice once more. What an intense high I got off it, was it the chemicals in Lysol & Pledge? Perhaps. To be completely honest, I had a legit meltdown earlier this week when I became overwhelmed by the clutter & abundance of laundry piles... My stress levels sky rocketed & when I realized I had not a single neat & tidy room to take deep breathes in... the tears began to flow as I collapsed to the ground.

I come from a long line of obsessively domesticated women, I fall somewhere in the middle. I also have a wandering mind & the ability to let the rest of the universe and the responsibilities that come with it disappear. Personal growth goal numero uno for me is finding a perfect, healthy balance of letting go, while keeping it together.

P.S. I totally had a green parakeet (like the above pictured) named Stroma. So cute!

punch buggy love

For as long as i can recall, i fondly remember playing the infamous punch buggy game. Primarily with my brother, Steven, throughout our childhood when we would slam our fists into each others arms as hard as we possibly could. I loved that game, but mostly i loved the look of all the colorful beetles. My parents had a powder blue one before i arrived on planet Earth, perhaps i was conceived in it, thus explaining my life long love for them...

fully had this matchbox car & it was my favorite to cruise with on the broski's plastic racetrack. i also remember my parents giving me a beetle shaped coin bank in elementary school, dubbed the bug bank, because clearly i would own a beetle if i saved enough pennies & dimes that didnt make it to the candy store. i suppose, if i was a child & ventured to the future & saw myself cruisin in my mellow yellow drop top bug she would presumably be extremely excited.... & bring back a killer windup fistful for Steven... "yellow punch buggy no punch backs! SUCKAAA!"

i giggled when coming across which contains a list of legitimate rules of play. this post is dedicated to the beauty of the beetle & all the punches they have brought & continue to bring every day ♥

♥ love bugs, bringing people together one punch & smile at a time. goodnight universe, i'm headed to dreamland...

melodic mondaze

one of my favorite instruments is the harmonica. what a purely bold & soulful sound it produces. I'm a big fan of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club... their music is so unique & raw ---- five albums in & they are still making me tap my toes.

the track Complicated Situation off Howl (2005) is one of my all time favorites. Conscience Killer off their latest album is also super sick... do yourself a favor & check out 'Beat The Devil's Tattoo' they have a new ballzy female drummer now which gives them added cool points.

i'm so incredibly jealous of everyone in Europe that gets to see them live this winter!! happy monday universe, hope yours was as satisfying as mine.

random ramblings

i was up for ages last night unable to sleep. i suppose i was anxious for my first day at my new job.... some how i have absolutely zero complaints for my working Monday. high five!! & i must brag, I have a turquoise gem office with an eco friendly alternative to leather desk chair to sit my bum on. both of these novelties excite me... clearly, little things go very far with me.

i was elated that i was able to expose my shoulders today while working! baller.

jackass 3d had me laughing my ass off... it also had me gagging & shielding my eyes from heinous images forever burned into my brain. i even dreamt that jessica & i were participating in a sweat cocktail... terrifying to say the least but, i don't discourage viewers.

if the only objects that care about you in your life are your cats... then you probably should stop harassing your neighbors & spend more time with your feline friends. just sayin.

& lastly, if you find a KFC + Taco Bell joint location, do yourself a favor & order KFC potato wedges with TB nacho cheese... it equates to over indulgent bliss.


currently my house is a chilling fifty eight degrees... & i am tucked beneath my dandelion duvet hiding in my bed, patiently waiting for courage to come over me so i can get dressed & begin my football Sunday.

first there will be coffee. i have loved the smell of it for as long as i can remember. Naturally, having a Scottish mother who consistently brews coffee & tea numerous times a day... how could i not? i only began truly drinking coffee once i entered into the corporate America working world... i remember those early mornings when i would be pounding redbull & it just didnt seem quite right. Slowly i integrated warm rich bold Colombian beans into my morning & oh the happiness it has brought me.

fall has arrived & i have officially purchased my first boots of the season. now if only we could get a little leaf changing in Florida...

melodic mondaze

Remember a [not so] little hardcore band known as Poison the Well? The guitarist Derek Miller is now part of a snazzy duo with the lovely Alexis Krauss. Electro indie funk guitar rips & smashing beats & synthesizers make you jiggle your head & dance like a hipster on intense amounts of cocaine & sparks. i'm currently obsessing over Sleigh Bells & it's easy to see why.

hello november.

i cannot believe how quickly 2010 has flown in... to be completely cliché i'll say that every year seems to blow by faster than the last. Friday was my last day working for corporate America as a bank employee. I am so relieved, although it hasn't completely set in. I will definitely miss the wonderfully diverse individuals i worked with as well as the customers, but am so embracing the opportunity for change. it seems that my new boss embraces my creativity & personality - what a novel idea.

i have a full week off before i start my new job next Monday. color me excited!! Today i slept in until the sun awoke me, not the blaring sound of an alarm - which was absolutely amazing. i watched butterflies dart around my parents backyard, so beautiful. Listened to the new Arcade Fire album back to back - pure bliss. Played with my weenie dogs - always puts a giant smile on my face. I had the yummiest pita with my brother & assembled a bookshelf with him - he keeps me laughing, i adore him. I talked to my mom on the phone for almost two hours, i am so ready to have her home from Scotland!! I purchased some new brushes on sale at a crafts store, as i plan to do some painting this week... all of these things equate to a magnificent monday in my world.

As i drove over to my brothers house i came up on a yellow school bus. i stopped behind it at the various stops as it let out excited junior high kids in front of their neighborhoods, seemingly so pleased to be out of school for the day. I watched them get off the bus & took note of their clothes & the way they interacted with one another. It immediately brought me back to my own memories of riding the bus when i was their age ~ posted up with my disc man, laughing with friends, crawling under the seats to mischievously tie shoelaces together, walking with the neighborhood kids, running through the blue house man's yard even though he hated it & would turn the sprinklers on us... getting my ass kicked for talking trash to a fellow eighth grade boy. has it really been twelve years?