currently my house is a chilling fifty eight degrees... & i am tucked beneath my dandelion duvet hiding in my bed, patiently waiting for courage to come over me so i can get dressed & begin my football Sunday.

first there will be coffee. i have loved the smell of it for as long as i can remember. Naturally, having a Scottish mother who consistently brews coffee & tea numerous times a day... how could i not? i only began truly drinking coffee once i entered into the corporate America working world... i remember those early mornings when i would be pounding redbull & it just didnt seem quite right. Slowly i integrated warm rich bold Colombian beans into my morning & oh the happiness it has brought me.

fall has arrived & i have officially purchased my first boots of the season. now if only we could get a little leaf changing in Florida...


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  2. Yay for you Scottish mom!
    My big big love was from Scotland so ill always have a soft spot for the Scottish! And their lovely tartan...

  3. ooooh big big Scottish love :) must be good!!


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