Cleansing my mind

I'm someone who likes to maintain a clean and organized environment. Ideally, my habitat could always be described this way. Lately however my environment has been more like something one would describe as disastrously disorganized & disgusting. Well, at least by my standards. Yesterday I turned my music up loud & devoted some hours to cleaning, dusting, handling dishes & laundry, organizing mail & attempting to make my place look nice once more. What an intense high I got off it, was it the chemicals in Lysol & Pledge? Perhaps. To be completely honest, I had a legit meltdown earlier this week when I became overwhelmed by the clutter & abundance of laundry piles... My stress levels sky rocketed & when I realized I had not a single neat & tidy room to take deep breathes in... the tears began to flow as I collapsed to the ground.

I come from a long line of obsessively domesticated women, I fall somewhere in the middle. I also have a wandering mind & the ability to let the rest of the universe and the responsibilities that come with it disappear. Personal growth goal numero uno for me is finding a perfect, healthy balance of letting go, while keeping it together.

P.S. I totally had a green parakeet (like the above pictured) named Stroma. So cute!

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  1. i also feel SO SO SO much better when i have a clean room/house...however more often than not it is the opposite. i cannot WAIT to have a place to call MY OWN so that i can ORGANIZE and put things in a "proper" place. hmmph


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