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Happy Monday!! Ohhh & what a glorious Monday it is... Only three working days this week, one down, two to go & then I'll be devouring tasty food for the rest of the week!! I love Thanksgiving.... well, actually its the traditional Thanksgiving feast that i adore so much. I do not love the truth that lies behind Thanksgiving. I throughly enjoy sitting around the table with my family, laughing, recognizing the many things we are all thankful for, and of course stuffing our faces with juicy turkey & ham, mashed potatoes, biscuits, stuffing, all the trimmings and pie ohhh pie.... In a couple of days i'm attempting to make my first pie!!

Am I the only one who finds it absurd that as children we grow up with the false belief that Thanksgiving was a day when the Pilgrims & the Indians joined hands to enjoy a peaceful meal uniting them forever as friends? I mean i understand not wanting second graders to perform the Thanksgiving school play where they expose the plague and all the massacres that occurred, but it just seems wrong to mislead in such a way. When is it appropriate to actually educate the facts of American history? Those who are indigenous to this land we call “The United States of America” have been long misrepresented and pushed out of American history textbooks in favor of glorifying those who now rule this nation and represent the dominant culture. What kind of democracy are we when education institutions and teachers refuse to mention the fact that ten to thirty million Natives were killed at the hands of European invasion and colonialism?

Fact: Pilgrims were thankful that the Native American population was decreasing - dwindled by the plagues brought from Europe and of course by their own malicious hands... They were not loving creatures sharing their bread with the Natives. We tend to forget the genocide that occurred in our nation and how terribly we treated the true first settlers. Don't get me wrong, I still love the notion of gathering for a traditional feast with all your loved ones on the fourth Thursday of every November, I just also believe we should take time to reflect on our Natives, their history, and their culture. It's not just about being American, it's about being a part of the human race and caring and learning from their struggles to fight against racism, to prevent future genocide, and also to recognize our Nations history. However unglamorous it may be.

Just sayin. xoxo

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  1. i agree with you 100% miss draper. this nation has lost track of basically the underlying meaning to every holiday we celebrate and has turned it into a family gathering/reason to party. though i love a good reason to celebrate with the ones i adore most, we should all take time to actually realize what the actual day meant x amount of years ago. :)


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