In honor of Thanksgiving… Things I’m thankful for :

♥ My loving family who continue to make me smile, laugh, unconditionally love & support me.

♥ My health, to be alive & well & have lived twenty five fabulous years.

♥ Having a new job. So grateful that I was given the opportunity to do something different that I think I will enjoy while being able to pay the bills & figure out my future.

♥ Music. it makes every single day that much more amazing. Hearing a song that can instantly brings me back to a certain memory, the intensity of hearing it being performed live, groovin & singing at the top of my lungs… for every mood i can have there is a soundtrack to it...

♥ The different relationships in my life. Especially with ones i have let in & who understand me & stimulate me… who are there for me & let me be there for them.

♥ A Seminole victory! How absolutely incredible it was to watch my Seminole’s pour all their hearts out onto the field to completely dominate their nemesis – the FL Gators!! AWESOME!

♥ For a roof over my head in sunny Florida… it's nearly December & I am already being a big wimp about the drop in temperature. SO thankful I do not have to scrape ice from my windshield & freeze my buns off in the snow every day!

♥ My coffee maker & its ability to brew deliciously bold coffee to get me through each morning. YUM, thank you!

♥ The beauty that surrounds me (& you) every day. You just have to open your eyes to see it. So thankful for inspiring images every where!!

♥ My lovely four legged little Button. I am beyond grateful for her every. single. day. My heart absolutely melts for her, I am incredibly thankful for her antics, the way she snuggles me & keeps me laughing & her companionship. i would be truly lost without her.

& this is only a small list of all that I am thankful for. I am most thankful for LOVE. Love is everywhere… i had a fantastic Thanksgiving with the ones I love, with delicious food & four relaxing days without an alarm clock!

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