lessons in domestication

upon venturing back to the fifties to acquire some necessary pie making skills i learned a few things as i channeled Betty...

first of all, i was unaware that "sweet milk" is the same as the "milk poured on top of your cereal" Imagine my surprise, while listening to my sweet Grandmother relay her famous double chocolate pie recipe to me over the telephone. Secondly, when sweet Dorothy D says a recipe is easy, it might just be that it's incredibly simple according to a lovely farm wife who has been doing it for over fifty years... & lastly, as delicious as it arguably may look from a far...

if the chocolate fails to thicken under the broil, and you choose to ignore this, and bake it anyway, it will boldly refuse to solidify. & whats worse, it will laugh at you as you gently remove it from the oven & it jiggles at you.... taunting you with its liquidity.

final score: Pie 1 Betty 0

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  1. I think I remember seeing you at Betty Lou's car service...Did you change my oil?


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