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Ohh how thrilled I am to feature this lovely new artist for volume seventeen of mm.

Hello Jessie J <3 Jessie is a twenty-two year old singer songwriter hailing from lovely London. London calling me :) I have a weakness for artists from there, I'm not sure what it is, but somehow I easily fall in love with their style. I found Jessie J while doing some Internet wandering this evening & she impressed me immediately.

She has her own YouTube channel (subscribe here) where she shares numerous webcam vids where she belts her heart out for world wide web viewers. She's incredible. She has this swag about her that is so unique & refreshing. I am completely girl crushing on her style, her bangs, her nails & you know I dig that she's a Jessie, and not to mention the facial expressions she makes as these deep motown sounds bellow out her frame. brilliant! What's more.... Upon further investigation I found out my man JT (ahem Justin Timberlake) claims she is the hottest singer out right now. two thumbs up in my book!

I am highly anticipating her new album set to be released this year... but until then she lives on YouTube!

xoxo excuse me, pardon the fact its Tuesday!

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