punch buggy love

For as long as i can recall, i fondly remember playing the infamous punch buggy game. Primarily with my brother, Steven, throughout our childhood when we would slam our fists into each others arms as hard as we possibly could. I loved that game, but mostly i loved the look of all the colorful beetles. My parents had a powder blue one before i arrived on planet Earth, perhaps i was conceived in it, thus explaining my life long love for them...

fully had this matchbox car & it was my favorite to cruise with on the broski's plastic racetrack. i also remember my parents giving me a beetle shaped coin bank in elementary school, dubbed the bug bank, because clearly i would own a beetle if i saved enough pennies & dimes that didnt make it to the candy store. i suppose, if i was a child & ventured to the future & saw myself cruisin in my mellow yellow drop top bug she would presumably be extremely excited.... & bring back a killer windup fistful for Steven... "yellow punch buggy no punch backs! SUCKAAA!"

i giggled when coming across punchbuggy.org which contains a list of legitimate rules of play. this post is dedicated to the beauty of the beetle & all the punches they have brought & continue to bring every day ♥

♥ love bugs, bringing people together one punch & smile at a time. goodnight universe, i'm headed to dreamland...

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  1. Oh, I love punch buggies! I always wanted one, but my parents insisted it was too dangerous because it's so small. Bah. I'll own one someday....

    I loved playing the punch buggy game with my sister when we were kids. She never followed the "no punchbacks" rule, though. Meanie.


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