random ramblings

i was up for ages last night unable to sleep. i suppose i was anxious for my first day at my new job.... some how i have absolutely zero complaints for my working Monday. high five!! & i must brag, I have a turquoise gem office with an eco friendly alternative to leather desk chair to sit my bum on. both of these novelties excite me... clearly, little things go very far with me.

i was elated that i was able to expose my shoulders today while working! baller.

jackass 3d had me laughing my ass off... it also had me gagging & shielding my eyes from heinous images forever burned into my brain. i even dreamt that jessica & i were participating in a sweat cocktail... terrifying to say the least but, i don't discourage viewers.

if the only objects that care about you in your life are your cats... then you probably should stop harassing your neighbors & spend more time with your feline friends. just sayin.

& lastly, if you find a KFC + Taco Bell joint location, do yourself a favor & order KFC potato wedges with TB nacho cheese... it equates to over indulgent bliss.


  1. and for the record, I owe a very special person some credit for introducing me to the wedge and cheese combo!! :)

  2. bahaha i agree, i can't stand nosey neighbors.


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