so ecstatic!

This evening i left my work to venture on a mini shopping spree. Confession: in addition to shopping, i have been gambling. i gambled one Alexander Hamilton bill to enter the weekly NFL office pool.... oh these boys so didn't know what hit them when I beat all their candy asses & annihilated them with my accurate game predictions.

upon collecting my monetary winnings i ventured over to Target to pick out this sweet box for my office...

absolutely cannot wait to set this beauty on my desk in the morning & have my entire iPod library at my fingertips while i work!! added bonus... its a constant reminder to all the dudes that they are losers :)

EDIT: the sound is awesome on this little gem! it is so sleek & the sound quality is impressive! it also works as an alarm clock, has a remote, it plugs into the wall but can also be portable with batteries... for around eighty bones this is a steal... & would make a killer gift, if you are feeling generous!

in closing i'd like to ponder this thought... who is Pete, & why is he always referenced in statements like "For the love of Pete!" clearly, he is very lovable... but why!?!


  1. Pete is derived from biblical origins. As in St. Peter.

    Start of Pete sayings:
    1) "For Pete's Sake"
    2) "For the love of Pete"


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