dreams are illustrations

...from the book your soul is writing about you.

Recently i have been busy making some changes in my life... & with the impending new year upon us, i've been equally busy making little goals for myself. Typically, i am not the New Years Resolution sort of gal... but, i can't help but get a little giddy thinking of all the things i dream twenty-eleven will bring me ♥

My one resolution for 2010 was to create a new blog (this one!) & remain consistent with it... once i finished patting myself of the back for that goal (; i began thinking of all the different things i want to experience in 2011... sooo many things!

i've been doodling & journaling like crazy... it brings a teeth ripping smile to my face. the minutes & days just keep rolling by & i can hardly believe NYE is this FRIDAY! It's going to be a different New Year for me, & i am so ready to embrace it.

hey santa,

sure do appreciate you coming through so sweetly this year... here i was thinking i might find coal in my stocking & much to my surprise i received some truly lovely gifts... so, thanks old man.

of course it's not about the presents (though they were fabulous & included a ballin new laptop, adorable dresses (one featured below), a colorful coach purse, & a weenie dog necklace!) this year Santa, it was also about spending time with those closest to me: enjoying delicious home cooked meals, snuggling to watch movies at home (ahem Home Alone on VHS) as well as in the theater, sharing meals with friends, catching up over coffee, story telling til the early morning hours, & even having a small five year old boy sit on my lap & tell me what he was hoping to find beneath his tree.

i'm having a hard time grasping the fact that twenty ten is almost complete & a new year is approaching... so much has happened & changed in my life this year, it has definitely been a wild ride, but not gonna lie... i'm crossing my fingers that 2011 is the best yet!

& i'm thinking this little gem i tried on tonight will be my NYE dress, quite fitting for a black tie affair... ♥

melodic mondaze

in honor of the snowy day in Jacksonville, Florida... so i missed it, i missed my opportunity to create possible snow angels on the ground... i can still live vicariously through Michael Bublé. right?


good morning universe!! this is me officially wishing YOU a very merry holiday!

last night i was surrounded by family & friends & it just started to truly feel like Christmas time. Today, i have button wrapped in a festive sweater with giant Buttons & a scarf, shes chowing down on a bone Santa brought her while i sit, anxiously awaiting the great present exchange with my loved ones! For getting such a late start, i still think i did a pretty legit job on getting everyone's gifts in order...

My father hasn't even started in on A Christmas Story yet... pink bunny suit is in my near future.

love, love, love to you all!

things i adore...

laughing til my stomach hurts
having a fabulous fancy time with my sweet new coworkers
hot chocolate
wearing bright red dresses with bows on the shoulders
dancing dancing dancing
christmas lights
snuggling with my darling weenie donned in christmas sweaters
gazing into the bustling fire
candy canes
lounging with my momma bear to watch Home Alone

only five more days til Christmas & i haven't purchased a single gift....
does that qualify me for the naughty list??

melodic mondaze

hello hello :) for my twentieth feature of melodic mondaze i was unsure what band/song i wanted to use. Typically, i choose tunes that i have recently discovered or rediscovered & cant stop listening to... this week however i am featuring my favorite band ~ Brand New. Every album they have created is so vastly different, they are a band that continues to evolve, mature, & explore. Obviously, if you aren't aware who Brand New is, you have probably been living under a rock, i've been obsessing over them since their first album since it released in 2001. Personally, i have grown with BR& NEW & perhaps i'm slightly biased but in my most honest opinion they are the most influential & inspiring band. Jesse Lacey is a lyrical genius. Experiencing them at their greatest, performing live is a magical phenomenon, & sharing their music is a gift...... ♥
hope you enjoy this mash up of incredible songs i love, love, love from their albums.

a little charm

...goes a long way. i am so delighted with my tiny $8 tree that branched out of the Super Target located just miles away from my humble abode. imagine that?? whats better... a lovely little wise owl friend now keeps me company on my desk & keeps a watchful eye over my skiing weenie dog dangling nearby.

i think i'm in need of receiving two gold stars tonight... the first for blowing a circuit in my house & the second for solving the problem via the breaker box. who knew you shouldn't vacuum the living room while washing a load of laundry in a forties house....? lesson learned: electricity was very different in 1942 vs 2010.

lurking in the shadows

a fellow at my work shared this link of amazing shadow art with me... & i felt compelled to share it will you all out in bloggerville. it's incredible the beautiful shadows that come off these random objects & rubbish. just one more example that beauty is all in the eye of the beholder!

you can check out more photos of awesome shadow art here & here.

tonight i picked up a shiny lime tinsel tree to decorate tomorrow! Confession: my porch has two pumpkins on display & my living room still has Happy Halloween decor up... whats the expiration date on that? ;) ah well pictures to follow... once my darling tree is complete. tonight, i pretend to be Mexican & enjoy Coronas. adios amigos!

melodic mondaze

Morrisey is an absolute living genius, whenever i listen to the Smiths i cannot help but smile. There is a Light That Never Goes Out is arguably the greatest love song of all time ♥ i especially love all the bicycles in this video...

This weekend i dawned sparkling gold spandex leggings... & my stems are already missing them, for they made quite a statement. I ventured into a sports bar named Pipers that just so happened to be extremely misleading... as it had a bagpiper toon on their logo, & there was not a single bagpiper in sight... on top of that, not even the lovely sound of bagpipes filling their bar. BLASPHEMY!! Currently, I'm dreaming of a sweet Scottish lady named Fiona, (aka my sweet mother) to return from the homeland. She's been trapped in Scotland due to the snow & her flight hes been canceled yet again... sending wishful thoughts out into the universe.

happy monday XOXO

the taste of rain

have you ever been caught in the rain & felt overwhelmed with love??

lately i have been a little obsessed with office supplies & pondering office decor for my new working digs. i have a few ideas but am still scouring the internet for designs & inspiration! fun!!

i know i want to have a cluster of some of my little paintings...
recently after a few jack & cokes i was feeling a bit creative & made this :)

the umbrella is the color of my office walls ♥