melodic mondaze

Morrisey is an absolute living genius, whenever i listen to the Smiths i cannot help but smile. There is a Light That Never Goes Out is arguably the greatest love song of all time ♥ i especially love all the bicycles in this video...

This weekend i dawned sparkling gold spandex leggings... & my stems are already missing them, for they made quite a statement. I ventured into a sports bar named Pipers that just so happened to be extremely misleading... as it had a bagpiper toon on their logo, & there was not a single bagpiper in sight... on top of that, not even the lovely sound of bagpipes filling their bar. BLASPHEMY!! Currently, I'm dreaming of a sweet Scottish lady named Fiona, (aka my sweet mother) to return from the homeland. She's been trapped in Scotland due to the snow & her flight hes been canceled yet again... sending wishful thoughts out into the universe.

happy monday XOXO

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