melodic mondaze

hello hello :) for my twentieth feature of melodic mondaze i was unsure what band/song i wanted to use. Typically, i choose tunes that i have recently discovered or rediscovered & cant stop listening to... this week however i am featuring my favorite band ~ Brand New. Every album they have created is so vastly different, they are a band that continues to evolve, mature, & explore. Obviously, if you aren't aware who Brand New is, you have probably been living under a rock, i've been obsessing over them since their first album since it released in 2001. Personally, i have grown with BR& NEW & perhaps i'm slightly biased but in my most honest opinion they are the most influential & inspiring band. Jesse Lacey is a lyrical genius. Experiencing them at their greatest, performing live is a magical phenomenon, & sharing their music is a gift...... ♥
hope you enjoy this mash up of incredible songs i love, love, love from their albums.

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  1. i am SO glad you made these songs your melodic monday post!! i haven't listened to most of them in quite some time now and it brings me back to a great place! :)


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