the taste of rain

have you ever been caught in the rain & felt overwhelmed with love??

lately i have been a little obsessed with office supplies & pondering office decor for my new working digs. i have a few ideas but am still scouring the internet for designs & inspiration! fun!!

i know i want to have a cluster of some of my little paintings...
recently after a few jack & cokes i was feeling a bit creative & made this :)

the umbrella is the color of my office walls ♥


  1. i love the picture!
    you inspired to me to paint something myself!! this weekend!!

  2. thank you!! & thats aweomse :) be sure to share your painting!

  3. i love it erin!!! you are such a good artist!!

  4. i love it so much erin! you are so good at what you do! see you soon...


  5. Oh I love, love the painting. Very pretty. & I love the rain. ♥

  6. thank you!! i too love the rain, owls & your blog is adorable!!


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