melodic mondaze

One of the most glorious aspects of my job is that i am able to enjoy the sounds of my iPod every Monday through Friday (virtually uninterrupted) for hours on end. It's during these times that I uncover music that has been forgotten & fondly recall the melodies & memories that come with certain songs.

Once upon a time, a few years ago while i was at Florida State i downloaded the iTunes free single, as i typically do & came across Beirut. The brain child of Zach Condon, a young New Mexico native who dropped out of highschool while he was riding the straight-A honor roll to venture on a drunken rampage through Europe. His first album, Gulag Orkestar, paints a portrait of foreign culture through "Postcards from Italy". His sound can definitely be described as modern worldly folk.

I think it's fantastically different & even more impressive that Zach plays the flugelhorn & ukulele as his main instruments. He also plays the trumpet, euphonium, mandolin, accordion(!!!), various keyboard instruments, & even a modified conch shell. Apparently he is creating an album that should be out sometime this year... stay tuned :)

charming finds

There is something so relaxing, enjoyable, & completely fun about perusing the vast variety of items at flea markets. It's almost like hunting for hidden treasures among hundreds & thousands of completely obscure items. It makes me feel like a little kid sometimes, hunting for easter eggs or imagining a secret cave or attic filled with brilliant items.

i didn't find a magical genie inside a golden lamp, or shaquille o'neal, but i did find some fabulous fifties pyrex dishes, a serious stack of records & came across an adorable owl couple made in Japan in the fifties.

i'm not sure where they lived before the st. johns flea market, it's so wonderful to take on things that have a story behind them....for now, i think they are quite happy beneath their mushroom cloud wisely watching over a certain mister's home.

melodic mondaze

if i were lucky enough to have a stunning vespa scooter parked outside my place, or even lucky enough to have a gentleman friend to wrap my arms around whilst cruising around lovely streets.... i know precisely what band would be the soundtrack to the ride...

The New Fidelity hail from Long Beach, (what up Sublime!) CALI-FORN-I-A. They have this killer swingin' sixties vibe that i absolutely cannot get enough of! Their sound is full of two, three & four part harmonies & is so catchy you'll be bobbing your head & humming along contagiously.

love, love, love!! Well, i for one had a fine day at work & am so excited to be curing a slight case of the Mondays with a free sneak preview of The Rite starring Antony Hopkins tonight. Nothing like a little scream sesh to start the work week.


smiling @ strangers.

do you take the time to exercise seventeen facial muscles & possibly bring a slight moment of joy to another? it's an incredibly simple act that i personally try to do everyday. Naturally, i don't walk down sidewalks, or supermarket aisles with a shit-eating grin on my face greeting each & every person i pass, but i do like to smile at certain individuals.

Perhaps i'm smiling at someone who looks like they are having a rough day, or a girl with an adorable outfit (i've also been known to compliment strangers), or an elderly man looking a little lonely. Smiling is such a simple act, but true genuine smiles make everyone feel good inside instantly. i once read a postsecret that confessed an individual's secret that they decided not to commit suicide strictly because a complete stranger's smile made their day.

moral of the story: share your smile & spread love ♥

melodic mondaze

In honor of the release of Yellowcard's new single that dropped today, i bring you Melodic Mondaze... on Tuesday. It's no secret i am a huge fan of Yellowcard (...see my love for them expressed here) & one of the very first things i did this morning was download the first single of their new album titled
"For You, and Your Denial"

i was absolutely enamored to hear a violin intro solo, one of my most favorite aspects of the band is the talent that lingers out of Sean, the violinist... it leads way to the guitars and lyrics Ryan Key belts out about letting go...

"If it's the past you love, then that's where you can stay"

The new album When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes drops March twenty-second & i for one desperately cannot wait to get my hands on it.

for the doctor

today is about remembering an incredibly inspiring man who once said...

"We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies." - Martin Luther King, Jr. ♥

i think the Dr. would be pleased with how far we have came as a society since his days on Earth, but would still be disappointed with the amount of hate that still lingers in our neighborhoods and communities. We are all different, but that's one more thing that's beautiful about life - learning from one another, embracing our individuality & growing together... keep the dream alive in your heart ♥

love, love, love is so much sweeter than hate. also, i think it's pretty epic that the MLK site was down yesterday due to bandwidth exceeded... presumably because everyone was grabbing quotes to share on their status updates & tweets. I hope the King was smiling.

coffee & thrifting ♥

i'm wandering out this slightly chilly & overcast Sunday morning in search of hidden treasures at the St. John's flea market. i'm hoping a warm biscuit & some steamy coffee will lead me to darling trinkets & perhaps some nice vinyls.

if for nothing else, it will make for some supreme people watching with good company.... happy Sunday!


happy one:eleven:eleven. On this chilly evening i am bundled up with my sweetest dapple darling, Button & feeling (not so) secretly lonely. aww schucks!

i'm (not so) secretly wishing i could be wearing a lovely hunter green & navy plaid dress i received for christmas, clinking wine glasses, & sharing thoughts, stories, & dreams with a certain mista dolski.

ohhh & the best way to combat my current situation?

thinking i'll cuddle into my dandelion duvet soon with an overly indulgent bowl of buttery popcorn & giggle with michael scott via the office online

melodic mondaze

listening to an incredibly talented redhaired british woman named Florence Welsh through my headphones leaves me completely captivated. perhaps it will do the same for you. enjoy my little pretties...

relationships are like glass

This weekend i packed away memories into boxes as i moved out of a home i shared with another. words can't describe the feeling of peeling myself & my belongings from a place i poured my heart into with BG. it was emotional & in the same moment incredibly freeing. I know completely that i have made the right decision & that 'everything is gonna be alright' for the two of us, separately. i spent a long time hoping that the two of us could get back to a certain place... & months ago i realized that would never happen. So, now i'm happily focusing on the future.

its hard to believe all my things are tucked away in a ten by ten space as i wait to begin the next chapter of my life in a new place. Until then, i'm scouring the 'for rent' local ads & have high hopes for finding a little place to turn into a darling little home.

melodic mondaze

lately i've been on a heavy folk twangy kick.... this is further evidence of that.

Through the genius power of Pandora, i discovered an independent artist named Joe Purdy who just so happens to be incredibly talented with absolutely no desire to be attached to a label. this guy is AMAZING... he has self released twelve, yes, twelve albums (&&& you can stream them free HERE or purchase them directly via his site).

He reminds me a bit of Bob Dylan, but with his own unique style. His music is raw, his beard is extremely intense, i seriously love that he incorporates the harmonica and appreciate his honest lyrical style. i have a personal fondness to the three songs above, but am in utter awe of the brilliance of his music as well as his desire to share it & make it organically.

Arkansas just got a little cooler in my book simply for harvesting Joe Purdy.


i'm just a little late, but soooo thrilled to welcome a brand new year ♥

i've already banged one of my many resolutions in (cheers!) which was to embark on 'spontaneous weekend getaways'... i traveled a few hundred miles south to ring in the new year!!! In the past i have always spent my New Years in Jacksonville surrounded by close friends & bubbly... but this NYE was a sweet little change of pace & sometimes it's the smallest changes that can change your life forever.

i can't express enough how excited i am for this year... i think i've just had my Oprah "A-ha moment" & i'm still ecstatic about it!! i LOVE that i have been mapping out little [& not so little] personal goals for myself. it feels incredible. Yet, somehow despite my enthusiasm, my immune system has been unable to combat flying germs that have entered into my body... so, unfortunately i'm feeling a little under the weather.

what gives universe?? ...can't a girl blog without a box of tissues??

speaking of the art of blogging, another little goal of mine is to spend more time on my little virtual home here @ DD. i have some pretty lovely ideas wrapped up. just sayin.

cheers to dreaming & fresh beginnings!