i'm just a little late, but soooo thrilled to welcome a brand new year ♥

i've already banged one of my many resolutions in (cheers!) which was to embark on 'spontaneous weekend getaways'... i traveled a few hundred miles south to ring in the new year!!! In the past i have always spent my New Years in Jacksonville surrounded by close friends & bubbly... but this NYE was a sweet little change of pace & sometimes it's the smallest changes that can change your life forever.

i can't express enough how excited i am for this year... i think i've just had my Oprah "A-ha moment" & i'm still ecstatic about it!! i LOVE that i have been mapping out little [& not so little] personal goals for myself. it feels incredible. Yet, somehow despite my enthusiasm, my immune system has been unable to combat flying germs that have entered into my body... so, unfortunately i'm feeling a little under the weather.

what gives universe?? ...can't a girl blog without a box of tissues??

speaking of the art of blogging, another little goal of mine is to spend more time on my little virtual home here @ DD. i have some pretty lovely ideas wrapped up. just sayin.

cheers to dreaming & fresh beginnings!

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  1. I agree with your post about changes, will say my new year moment was more of Ah-Shit, than A-ha but was still awesome nonetheless. Cheers!!


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