happy one:eleven:eleven. On this chilly evening i am bundled up with my sweetest dapple darling, Button & feeling (not so) secretly lonely. aww schucks!

i'm (not so) secretly wishing i could be wearing a lovely hunter green & navy plaid dress i received for christmas, clinking wine glasses, & sharing thoughts, stories, & dreams with a certain mista dolski.

ohhh & the best way to combat my current situation?

thinking i'll cuddle into my dandelion duvet soon with an overly indulgent bowl of buttery popcorn & giggle with michael scott via the office online


  1. this is totally irrelevant, but i found some old birthday cards you and a few besties have given me throughout the years and i thought you should know they made me grin from ear to ear!!! i love you ejd! :)


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