melodic mondaze

lately i've been on a heavy folk twangy kick.... this is further evidence of that.

Through the genius power of Pandora, i discovered an independent artist named Joe Purdy who just so happens to be incredibly talented with absolutely no desire to be attached to a label. this guy is AMAZING... he has self released twelve, yes, twelve albums (&&& you can stream them free HERE or purchase them directly via his site).

He reminds me a bit of Bob Dylan, but with his own unique style. His music is raw, his beard is extremely intense, i seriously love that he incorporates the harmonica and appreciate his honest lyrical style. i have a personal fondness to the three songs above, but am in utter awe of the brilliance of his music as well as his desire to share it & make it organically.

Arkansas just got a little cooler in my book simply for harvesting Joe Purdy.

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  1. The rain sure is Purdy just like you!!


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