melodic mondaze

In honor of the release of Yellowcard's new single that dropped today, i bring you Melodic Mondaze... on Tuesday. It's no secret i am a huge fan of Yellowcard (...see my love for them expressed here) & one of the very first things i did this morning was download the first single of their new album titled
"For You, and Your Denial"

i was absolutely enamored to hear a violin intro solo, one of my most favorite aspects of the band is the talent that lingers out of Sean, the violinist... it leads way to the guitars and lyrics Ryan Key belts out about letting go...

"If it's the past you love, then that's where you can stay"

The new album When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes drops March twenty-second & i for one desperately cannot wait to get my hands on it.

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  1. love this song lil woman! I love yellowcard! I once took an amazing girl to a yc show with my little bro and we got him drunk for his first time. I held her in my arms as we laughed at my brother in the mosh pit while yc rocked our worlds! Great night! But like you said, this song is about letting go... Stay sweet! I love your blog!


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