relationships are like glass

This weekend i packed away memories into boxes as i moved out of a home i shared with another. words can't describe the feeling of peeling myself & my belongings from a place i poured my heart into with BG. it was emotional & in the same moment incredibly freeing. I know completely that i have made the right decision & that 'everything is gonna be alright' for the two of us, separately. i spent a long time hoping that the two of us could get back to a certain place... & months ago i realized that would never happen. So, now i'm happily focusing on the future.

its hard to believe all my things are tucked away in a ten by ten space as i wait to begin the next chapter of my life in a new place. Until then, i'm scouring the 'for rent' local ads & have high hopes for finding a little place to turn into a darling little home.

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  1. i am so excited for the future, it brings good things for us all! i just want you to know you are such an inspiration to me and i admire your courage and strength! i love you best friend! :)


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