smiling @ strangers.

do you take the time to exercise seventeen facial muscles & possibly bring a slight moment of joy to another? it's an incredibly simple act that i personally try to do everyday. Naturally, i don't walk down sidewalks, or supermarket aisles with a shit-eating grin on my face greeting each & every person i pass, but i do like to smile at certain individuals.

Perhaps i'm smiling at someone who looks like they are having a rough day, or a girl with an adorable outfit (i've also been known to compliment strangers), or an elderly man looking a little lonely. Smiling is such a simple act, but true genuine smiles make everyone feel good inside instantly. i once read a postsecret that confessed an individual's secret that they decided not to commit suicide strictly because a complete stranger's smile made their day.

moral of the story: share your smile & spread love ♥


  1. i love this! i appreciate a good smile from a stranger, it turns my entire day around. i recently smiled at someone at the car wash and they thanked me, and informed me they were having a rough day but just by simply smiling it made them instantly feel better. :) :D

  2. thanks for the good reminder - never under-estimate the power of a smile!!!

    hope your day is simply lovely!xoxox
    oh! so lovely

  3. <3 i love your smile jess!

    & thank you for the comment miss lovely :)


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