melodic mondaze

Once upon a day in two thousand & nine my ears discovered a little song they instantly loved. They told my brain to find out exactly who Miike Snow was & own this catchy tune titled Animal as soon as humanly possible. It was a great reason to use Shazam, & when i went onto the amazon mp3 app on my phone i became ecstatic to learn it was a FREE download!!! Perfect? Perhaps...

Recently i discovered the Animal Fake Blood Remix while enjoying Pandora at work. It brought me back to when i had heard Animal initially & couldn't get it out of my head. This was before i got a little tired of hearing it incessantly. Did i mention i even used it as a ring tone?

Upon searching YouTube for said remix i stumbled across this ridiculously hilarious video that accompanies the audible bliss. Four dudes, tank tops, synchronized dance moves (well, almost) & one serious mullet... recipe for greatness. Clearly.

Pleasantville Picnic

On Sunday the mista & i had a lovely private picnic just outside the foul line of a quiet baseball field. Strawberries, pineapples, blueberries, grapes, crackers, cheese, a delicious salad along with a cool fizzy lizzy made my taste buds swell. Laying on a soft blanket sharing conversations while taking in the sunlight was just perfect. It easily was one of my favorite dates we have shared... the only thing missing was giant fluffy clouds to imagine into creatures, but i didn't really mind.

i ♥ this illustration by Katogi Mari

I discovered a refreshing bubbly beverage imported from France...

Lorina sparking lemonade (their website alone will make you thirsty!) & it comes in the cutest glass bottle... & is absolute lemon bubbly bliss. One bottle certainly wasn't enough. Mista dolski & i had a classic foot race across the outfield, i naturally won, & it naturally had nothing to do with the fact i took off with a slight head start. i love spring time, being outside & enjoying the weather & sharing sweet picnic dates.

In addition to my love for all things Spring, i cannot help myself from daydreaming about my cruise that departs at the end of March! Oh hello, Cayman Islands & Jamaica... i think it's time for you to meet a pale freckle faced redheaded girl ♥

i'm turning japanese

I hear they embrace extremely pale girls, weenie dogs and American culture all together, & once they hear about my recent Japanese dining experience using

chopsticks! i'm golden.

I realize this may not seem very impressive to most... ahem, twenty-five year old girl consumes chicken fried rice using only chopsticks!! I however, was very proud of myself for having the patience to fondle these thin wooden sticks. It makes sense why orientals are so thin... loads of bicycle riding mixed with the portion control chopsticks provide, it's so obvious!! My mista spoiled me with a bottle of wine from New Zealand (that i later doodled on & is now on display in the restaurant!), we shared edameme & the chef brought the cutest sushi roll ever out to our cozy table beneath the moonlight...

an adorable caterpillar roll just waiting to get inside! This was definitely one of the most creative edible items ever to be placed in front of me. We had a seriously great night, & if being Japanese also includes drinking massive quantities of wine & hot tubing then i completely nailed it. Just sayin.

melodic mondaze

Six years ago an English fella named Dave introduced himself to me via myspace (ooooh myspace) & we formed an instant friendship that included years of message exchanges until one day he flew to America & we united in my hometown. Whew! We're still friends who appreciate similar things in life - notably humor & music. I'm giving a personal shout-out because English Dave introduced me to a band last week that i'm heavily digging at the moment...

The Local Natives hail from the City of Angels & have the folksy, hyperactive drumming, percussion & melodic hooks i absolutely cannot get enough of.

This particular video completely drew me in, it beckons your attention. The performance was completed in one ongoing shot in a convoluted corridor. I think it's brilliant, they're a bit Arcade Fire mixed with the Clash. Their website is an absolute cluster fuck of imagery - beautiful in it's own acid tripped way. What's even sweeter... their fourteen track album, Gorilla Manor is a mere $7.99 on iTunes... which is almost like stealing (that is, if you don't already steal your music).

I put together a seven song sampler, it should go down something like seven minutes in heaven... except less awkward, lengthier & possibly more enjoyable overall ♥

channeling childhood

In case you were wondering, February in Florida is absolutely beautiful & this weekend was an incredible example of how lovely it truly can be. Not only did i manage to make it to the beach to see waves crashing on the shore, while flinging a frisbee, i also spent a couple hours cruising with my top down in Daisy. Few things in life bring me quite as much joy as riding in my mellow yellow beetle with the top down, some good tunes & the sun shining ♥

i channeled my inner child Sunday as i doodled on sidewalks with colorful chalk... a special thank you goes out to wal-mart for supplying an end cap full of enough boxes of sidewalk chalk to provide happiness to an entire elementary school...or at least to one twenty-five year old.

The weather was just perfect, i soaked up as much of the day outside as i possibly could & pedaled until my heart was content on a lovely bicycle ride. It's funny, as a child growing up, i was constantly on my bicycle, i mean it was my main source of transportation...& then i let years & years pass before i ever longed for my legs to propel me forward in a circular motion. I am so happy Bluella came into my life fourteen months ago ♥ it's the little things in life that make me smile.

currently dreaming of

it's been nearly ten months since my journey abroad & i'm desperately craving a holiday from real ♥ i'm attempting to gather five wonderfully unique individuals together with myself on a large ship to set sail to Jamaica & the Grand Cayman Islands next month! Color me excited just with the thought of it!

floppy hats, bikinis, cocktails, dancing, star gazing, exploring, foreign adventures, swimming, laughing, loving....

i'm a little down that i wont be able to financially fund a trip to Austin this March after all to head to the music festival at SXSW, but hopefully i will soon be saying hello to exotic lands with a handsome man holding my hand.

melodic mondaze

happy st. valentine's day to you & yours!! i spent mine with a mista who showered me with love. After having a few whiskeys in my coca-cola's tonight i thought about what music i wanted to feature today. For today is about love & romance & the first thing that came to my mind was Rogue Wave & their song "eyes". It is so incredibly beautiful...

my weekend was filled with creating, fondue, hand holding, movies, love, walks & runs with button, coffee, red wine, kisses & cupcakes. i feel overwhelmed with love right now & it's absolutely breathtaking.

adventures in chat roulette

Somewhere around six, or eight, or eleven, (or clearly my brain can't recall) months ago, i was introduced to chat roulette. The idea of chatting with complete strangers intrigued me... I mean, lets face it i have been doing it since a very young age. I remember being eleven years old & roaming into AOL chat rooms making inquisitive statements such as A/S/L??? It makes me giggle now to think about it... anyway, the idea of being face to face via webcam with SIMPLY ANYONE absolutely excited me. Endless opportunities for awkward, strange & interesting events.... sign me up!

I asked my sweet friend, Jonah if he was interested in doing a little experiment... & so, we met on skype & soon departed ways to chat roulette, we agreed to meet back on skype twenty minutes later to discuss our experiences with strangers. I really didn't know what to expect, but i definitely did not think i would be exposed to so many penis' on cam. Seriously, dudes just aiming the camera at their package - completely bizarre, shocking & disturbing! in addition to genitalia, i did see some faces, & had some language barriers with two individuals, i had a couple brief conversations with other individuals - although no one would really talk back to me, only type. I also found that weird.... so basically, there was a lot of uncomfortable staring competitions.

Jonah's experience wasn't any more entertaining than mine, but i can assure you that if either one of us had stumbled upon Merton we would feel very different!! Merton, is a fabulous piano improv performer who hangs out on sites like chatroulette & omeggle. He is absolutely incredible... here is a video of him in his natural environment:

lesson learned: sometimes chatting on the internet with strangers won't make you friends, but you might learn more about human anatomy.

melodic mondaze

This weekend i simply could not stop myself from belting out & jiving to some classic tunes from wayyyy back when Rock & Roll was just getting it's roots. As a little girl i loved listening to 'oldies' & constantly fantasized about living in the fifties, sixties, or seventies. To this day people still make comments to me every so often that i'm an old soul, or that i was born in the wrong decade... but perhaps i was dancin back then, in another life.

The songs on this little playlist always put me in a fantastic mood! They all give off so much soul & positive vibes... i love it! They make me bounce around & sing & fully dream of living in the fifties complete with a pony tail & bobby socks. I decided this weekend i definitely need to get a hold my own Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers vinyl to forever have in my collection.

Superb Sunday

i love Sundays... & mine have typically begun the same way for the past few years: wake up, reach for my laptop & dive into the Sunday Secrets over at PostSecret before i even brush my teeth. It's a little tradition that i absolutely love & look forward to all week, as nerdy as it is - i even own all the books. I love interpreting the secrets, admiring the creativity behind the postcards, being shocked, feeling for other members of the human race & occasionally reading secrets that i personally relate to. I think the incredibly inquisitive part of my personality gets high from them.

This Sunday morning was extra special, after sleeping in & waking up to the sound of silence vs the annoyance of a alarm clock, i smiled. What a glorious feeling... & after scrolling through this weeks juicy secrets, it only got better. For this Sunday, i was lucky enough to be treated to a lovely breakfast in bed.

Yes, even with star shaped fruit ♥ Something about this gesture made me feel so overwhelmingly special. I am dating an incredibly sweet & thoughtful human being who makes me ridiculously happy when we are together, it's such a wonderful feeling!

This Sunday was also special because of Super Bowl Sunday!!! I decided to be an official cheese head since i do not care for the Steelers & ate considerable amounts of cheese at my brothers party. V-dub woo-ed me with their commercials, this one was specifically marketed towards me.... why yes i do love this song, my beetle & dandelions...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

the art of dreaming

I feel completely grateful that i fall into the category of individuals who not only have extremely vivid dreams, but also retain them. Many mornings i wake up having trouble separating reality from my dream land. At times i am so engulfed in my emotional subconscious thoughts that i wake myself up heavily breathing, crying, full of inspiration, laughing, beaming with happiness etc.

da Vinci once pondered....“Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake?”

I have believed that I had the most fantastic trip, night out, been transported to Super Mario Land, flew, dreamt in black & white, fell in love, discovered beautiful scenery & imagery, went on a date with Justin Timberlake as well as Zach Morris (in character) & have even had conversations with my dog, Button to name just a few. I've woken up pissed off at boyfriends for things they have done in my dreams... i've searched my phone & purse & room for evidence to help me uncover the truth of dream vs reality... i've lived in my own personal dreamland for what seems like ages.

I absolutely love dreaming.

One can go absolutely anywhere in a dream, be anyone, discover any & every thing. It's incredible... while i was at Florida State i became interested in lucid dreaming & the ability to do so (essentially, but not quite controlling your dreams). I was never able to reach "high lucidity" to change my dream scene or transform the events but am often aware that i am actively dreaming. Anyway, i thought i could share a few tips to help if you struggle to remember your dreams...

Sleep! Naturally, this seems obvious... but, if you are sleep deprived then you are not allowing your brain to fall into a true deep REM sleep where the most active & longest dreams can occur.

Keep a dream journal. keep it close to your slumber sanctuary aka your bed.... write in it every time you recall a dream, even if it's only fragments of your dreams. This will help your brain realize that you are making a conscience attempt to recall your subconscious thoughts.

Talk about your dreams. Share your dreams with your partner, roommate, family, dog or whoever, soon after waking up. In college my roommate & i would crawl into each others beds in the morning to talk about our dreams, i also have done this with my boyfriends over the years & it's one of my most favorite things!

These simple activities will allow you to reflect on your most creative wandering thoughts, & the ability to see the beauty of your dreams is one of the best gifts of life! I gather inspiration constantly from my dreams!!

to quote an incredibly inspirational human being...

“I am against nature. I don’t dig nature at all. I think nature is very unnatural. I think the truly natural things are dreams, which nature can’t touch with decay.” - Bob Dylan

hello, February

This weekend was full of sunshine and lovely weather... i spent a good portion of it outside, wandering around the St. Augustine shops (remind me it's not a good idea to do this in platform Jessica Simpson heels in the future!!) Ohhh spring is on the way, it was so nice to put the top down on Daisy & feel the sun beating down...

In addition to picking up some incredibly soft tees, blue nail polish, a charming bow tie & receiving yummy French perfume from a very charming man... i also spent some time sitting outside in the sun working on a little painting i started back in Octobre. Allow me to introduce you to Jacq-o-lynn...

she absolutely adores sitting beneath full moons with her jack-o-lanterns & her cuddly ugly monster friend. She will likely remain in hiding until she pops her little blue head up again during the autumnal equinox. As for now, there is still oodles of fun to be had in the Winter & Spring!!