adventures in chat roulette

Somewhere around six, or eight, or eleven, (or clearly my brain can't recall) months ago, i was introduced to chat roulette. The idea of chatting with complete strangers intrigued me... I mean, lets face it i have been doing it since a very young age. I remember being eleven years old & roaming into AOL chat rooms making inquisitive statements such as A/S/L??? It makes me giggle now to think about it... anyway, the idea of being face to face via webcam with SIMPLY ANYONE absolutely excited me. Endless opportunities for awkward, strange & interesting events.... sign me up!

I asked my sweet friend, Jonah if he was interested in doing a little experiment... & so, we met on skype & soon departed ways to chat roulette, we agreed to meet back on skype twenty minutes later to discuss our experiences with strangers. I really didn't know what to expect, but i definitely did not think i would be exposed to so many penis' on cam. Seriously, dudes just aiming the camera at their package - completely bizarre, shocking & disturbing! in addition to genitalia, i did see some faces, & had some language barriers with two individuals, i had a couple brief conversations with other individuals - although no one would really talk back to me, only type. I also found that weird.... so basically, there was a lot of uncomfortable staring competitions.

Jonah's experience wasn't any more entertaining than mine, but i can assure you that if either one of us had stumbled upon Merton we would feel very different!! Merton, is a fabulous piano improv performer who hangs out on sites like chatroulette & omeggle. He is absolutely incredible... here is a video of him in his natural environment:

lesson learned: sometimes chatting on the internet with strangers won't make you friends, but you might learn more about human anatomy.


  1. omg!
    im in love with that piano guy! hes amazing! :D you made me laugh, Erin, thank you so much! i needed that so bad!

  2. :) i know right, he is so entertaining!!
    glad i got you giggling doll ! xoxo


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