i'm turning japanese

I hear they embrace extremely pale girls, weenie dogs and American culture all together, & once they hear about my recent Japanese dining experience using

chopsticks! i'm golden.

I realize this may not seem very impressive to most... ahem, twenty-five year old girl consumes chicken fried rice using only chopsticks!! I however, was very proud of myself for having the patience to fondle these thin wooden sticks. It makes sense why orientals are so thin... loads of bicycle riding mixed with the portion control chopsticks provide, it's so obvious!! My mista spoiled me with a bottle of wine from New Zealand (that i later doodled on & is now on display in the restaurant!), we shared edameme & the chef brought the cutest sushi roll ever out to our cozy table beneath the moonlight...

an adorable caterpillar roll just waiting to get inside! This was definitely one of the most creative edible items ever to be placed in front of me. We had a seriously great night, & if being Japanese also includes drinking massive quantities of wine & hot tubing then i completely nailed it. Just sayin.


  1. How was the roll? Looks awesome. Sounds like the perfect romantic evening.

  2. aww, i love that roll! it's adorable!

  3. husband and i are planning our first major trip to japan next year. sounds like you had a perfect date to me!


    a fellow pale, redheaded freckle chick


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