melodic mondaze

This weekend i simply could not stop myself from belting out & jiving to some classic tunes from wayyyy back when Rock & Roll was just getting it's roots. As a little girl i loved listening to 'oldies' & constantly fantasized about living in the fifties, sixties, or seventies. To this day people still make comments to me every so often that i'm an old soul, or that i was born in the wrong decade... but perhaps i was dancin back then, in another life.

The songs on this little playlist always put me in a fantastic mood! They all give off so much soul & positive vibes... i love it! They make me bounce around & sing & fully dream of living in the fifties complete with a pony tail & bobby socks. I decided this weekend i definitely need to get a hold my own Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers vinyl to forever have in my collection.


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  2. You need to add to the vinyl collection this weekend!!! Do it!!


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