melodic mondaze

Six years ago an English fella named Dave introduced himself to me via myspace (ooooh myspace) & we formed an instant friendship that included years of message exchanges until one day he flew to America & we united in my hometown. Whew! We're still friends who appreciate similar things in life - notably humor & music. I'm giving a personal shout-out because English Dave introduced me to a band last week that i'm heavily digging at the moment...

The Local Natives hail from the City of Angels & have the folksy, hyperactive drumming, percussion & melodic hooks i absolutely cannot get enough of.

This particular video completely drew me in, it beckons your attention. The performance was completed in one ongoing shot in a convoluted corridor. I think it's brilliant, they're a bit Arcade Fire mixed with the Clash. Their website is an absolute cluster fuck of imagery - beautiful in it's own acid tripped way. What's even sweeter... their fourteen track album, Gorilla Manor is a mere $7.99 on iTunes... which is almost like stealing (that is, if you don't already steal your music).

I put together a seven song sampler, it should go down something like seven minutes in heaven... except less awkward, lengthier & possibly more enjoyable overall ♥

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