melodic mondaze

Once upon a day in two thousand & nine my ears discovered a little song they instantly loved. They told my brain to find out exactly who Miike Snow was & own this catchy tune titled Animal as soon as humanly possible. It was a great reason to use Shazam, & when i went onto the amazon mp3 app on my phone i became ecstatic to learn it was a FREE download!!! Perfect? Perhaps...

Recently i discovered the Animal Fake Blood Remix while enjoying Pandora at work. It brought me back to when i had heard Animal initially & couldn't get it out of my head. This was before i got a little tired of hearing it incessantly. Did i mention i even used it as a ring tone?

Upon searching YouTube for said remix i stumbled across this ridiculously hilarious video that accompanies the audible bliss. Four dudes, tank tops, synchronized dance moves (well, almost) & one serious mullet... recipe for greatness. Clearly.

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  1. haha, awesome!! I'm diggin the outfits... just in time for summer! Thanks for sharing!

    -tonic the chronic


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