Pleasantville Picnic

On Sunday the mista & i had a lovely private picnic just outside the foul line of a quiet baseball field. Strawberries, pineapples, blueberries, grapes, crackers, cheese, a delicious salad along with a cool fizzy lizzy made my taste buds swell. Laying on a soft blanket sharing conversations while taking in the sunlight was just perfect. It easily was one of my favorite dates we have shared... the only thing missing was giant fluffy clouds to imagine into creatures, but i didn't really mind.

i ♥ this illustration by Katogi Mari

I discovered a refreshing bubbly beverage imported from France...

Lorina sparking lemonade (their website alone will make you thirsty!) & it comes in the cutest glass bottle... & is absolute lemon bubbly bliss. One bottle certainly wasn't enough. Mista dolski & i had a classic foot race across the outfield, i naturally won, & it naturally had nothing to do with the fact i took off with a slight head start. i love spring time, being outside & enjoying the weather & sharing sweet picnic dates.

In addition to my love for all things Spring, i cannot help myself from daydreaming about my cruise that departs at the end of March! Oh hello, Cayman Islands & Jamaica... i think it's time for you to meet a pale freckle faced redheaded girl ♥

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  1. LOVE LOVE the first pic ! looks just like you!!!! and i am oh so jealous of the cruising and boosing youwill be partaking in! next time, my friend, next time!


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